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    The 5 Benefits Of Spray Tanning | Is It For You?

    With the dangers of overexposure to UV rays from tanning beds strikingly clear these days, people are rightly looking for an alternative.

    Enter spray tanning.

    It feels good to have a healthy, copper glow to your skin so it is with great relief that it can still be had even when using a tanning bed is not an option.

    Another reason to want tanned skin is to be able to be out in the sun with less of a risk of sunburn. We need those vitamins the sun helps our body absorb, but the risk of overexposure is too great without spray tanning.

    Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of spray tanning so you can see if it is the right solution for you.

    #1. Streak Free Tan

    Those old fashioned tanning creams were notorious for leaving unnatural looking streaks. With a spray tan, you can have a natural looking tan that seems like you just spent a week in the Caribbean that wouldn’t have been possible years ago.

    The ingredients used in the latest formulas also prevent you from turning orange as opposed to the older tanning lotions.

    #2. Even Skin Tone Hides Blemishes

    Do you have stretch marks from giving birth? Maybe you have dark spots on your skin from alopecia. Or you are recovering from bariatric surgery and have a lot of loose skin.

    Whatever your skin blemishes, you can hide them well when your skin is toned and copper colored.

    Getting into a bathing suit is intimidating on a good day. It’s even harder when you have imperfections that you are embarrassed about. If you have a solid tan, then you can feel a lot more confident that your imperfections are not so glaring.

    #3. It Works Fast

    Instead of planning multiple sessions weeks before you plan to hit the beach, you can have an incredible tan in as little as 15 minutes.

    With new innovations in the formula of many spray tans, you can even go for a swim later that same day if you can wait a few hours.

    #4. Good for Your Skin

    These days there are a lot of ingredients in the formula of spray tans that actually benefit your skin. From aloe vera to moisturize and Vitamin E to repair skin cells, you can end up with healthier skin after spray tanning. Check out Happytans to learn more about what goes into today’s versions of spray tan solutions.

    #5. Pick a Shade

    Something not really possible when laying on a tanning bed or even out in the sun is to zero in on exactly the shade you want.

    Without any effort, you can have a deep golden tan, or just a light bronze to give your skin the perfect color for your mood.

    When you are out in the sun, the only way to control how tan you get is based on how long you stay out. But it is almost impossible to time your exposure to suit the shade you are going for.

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