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    5 Best Essential Oils to Grow Your Hairs

    Using different oils for hair is not a new trend. It is in custom for centuries. In ancient times oils are used to cure various diseases along with making hairs more prominent, attractive, thick and dandruff free. Handling of these oils does not relate to one or two areas. In fact, this pattern belongs to the whole world. Whatever the region is, people use oils for different purposes. Mainly oils are used for hair. Different oils are available for different purposes. Some are applied to fasten the growth of hair. Some are available to remove dandruff, and some oils are meant to bring shine to your hair and stop them from being damaged.

    Basically, oils are of two types, i.e. Essentials and Carrier. There is a little bit difference between both of them. Essential oils are purely extracted from the plant, and they have the scent of that specific plant. Their concentration level is also high. The reason is that they do not contain impure elements or have a minimal amount of them. We take carrier oils from plants too, but they are not directly extracted from the plants. That is the main reason behind their neutral fragrance.

    Here are some of the essential oils that are popular all around the world:

    #1. Rosemary Oil:

    Rosemary oil comes from an evergreen shrub. This oil is very much popular all around the world. Rosemary oil is used for making hair smoother, shiny and silky. Moreover, it provides strength to the roots of the hair.

    #2. Lavender Oil:

    The basis of Lavender oil is also a shrub. This is the oil with the highest level of popularity throughout the globe. Its primary function is to control dandruff. It has some antibacterial features that help in preventing stress and become a cause of mental rest. It also improves hair growth and helps in making them stronger. People usually add some drops of lavender oil into some carrier oil and apply on hairs.

    #3. Almond Oil:

    Almond oil is also widely used all over the world. Almond oil is the best source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for curing split ends of hair faster and improves health growth. This oil also nourishes the scalp and eliminates stress.

    #4. Thyme Oil:

    If we talk about problems of hair, then so many problems appear in front of us. Hair loss is one of them. You can hear this sound everywhere. People are accustomed to using different techniques to prevent their hair from loss. Thyme oil is one of the best oils in the list that helps in this regard. This oil not only provides strengthen to hair but also reduce the rate of hair loss. Applying this oil to hair will make your hair stiff.

    #5. Lemongrass Oil:

    If you want to remove dandruff from your hair when using this oil will be beneficial. Lemongrass oil ensures dandruff free oil.

    I hope our effort will improve your knowledge and will also help in improving the health of your hair. These essentials oils will help you out in making your hair more beautiful.

    Long hairs are considered as a significant factor in women’s beauty. In most of the cases, it enhances self-esteem among women.

    As we know natural processes take time. If you are worried about your short, thin hair, we have another best advice you can use hair extensions. Check this hair extension factory; it could be the best solution to your problem.

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