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    5 Best Hair Removal Strategies for Men

    Manscaping is the latest term in the beauty industry thanks to the rising breed of men who want to take looking good to the next level. Traditionally, hair removal was a women thing until bodybuilders, and Channing Tatum showed us otherwise. According to women everywhere, a smooth chest and back not only looks good, but it’s also better to touch and kiss. A survey by Braun shows that 62% of men are now manscaping regularly because it makes them feel sexier and enhances their muscles. The question therefore remains; what kind of hair removal strategies are out there for men?

    #1. Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is the most long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. This method is popular among women who want to remove facial hair permanently, but men use laser hair removal too. Though it is highly advisable that you consult a professional for laser hair removal, you can find several gadgets like Braun and Philips that you can use at home.

    #2. Waxing

    The second-best hair removal solution is waxing because of its long-lasting results. It works by ripping the hair out from the roots, so they take longer to grow back. This is also the best method for manscaping the genitals because it does not have any chemicals or side effects, but it hurts like hell. Waxing is best carried out by a professional, but you can find many do it yourself options in the market.

    #3. Shaving

    The only hair removal strategy men are familiar with is shaving because they have been shaving their beards for centuries. Using a sharp razor and some shaving cream is fast, easy, and effective, but the hair will grow back before the weekends. While it is safe to shave everywhere, shaving exposes your skin to itchy and bumpy regrowth as well as ingrown hairs.

    #4. Depilatory Creams

    Hair removal creams are God sent for men who want to do it at home. The cream dissolves the hair protein and causes it to separate from the skin. When you wash off the cream, it comes off with all the hair leaving a smooth, silky surface. This solution is a bit long lasting compared to shaving. It is also less painful unless you have sensitive skin. It is best used on your shoulders, back, leg, and armpits. Popular brands like Nair Men and Veet are very effective.

    #5. Epilators

    If you like shaving, but you would prefer a more long-lasting option; epilators would be the way to go. These mechanical devices use spinning discs to grab your hair and yank it out from the roots. The idea is similar to waxing except its faster and every man can do it without going to the spa. The Emjoi Emagine is one of the best epilators for men because it has 72 tweezers to quickly and effectively yank out every single strand of hair in one swoop.

    There are plenty of choices available for men when it comes to hair removal. However, it is best to visit a professional if you are not sure how to use some of the methods above. Whether you want to clean up your face a bit or have a smooth sexy body, the payoff will be worth it.

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