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    5 Fashion Staples Every Man Needs

    Woman or man, fashion can be a fickle thing considering that trends change with each passing season. You never know what is going to be ‘in’ one day and ‘out’ the next. However, when it comes to male elegance, there are some staples that every man needs to have in his wardrobe. Despite the volatile trends in fashion, certain essentials will always keep you looking fresh and handsome, no matter the season. So without further ado, here are 5 key pieces that every man needs to create a poise of sophistication and class.

    #1. Italian leather briefcase

    Italian leather briefcases for men made of fine veg-tanned leather is all about durability and elegance. Such handmade crafts may seem costly at first but considering that they last a lifetime, it is safe to say purchasing one is a sound long-term investment. They come with many compartments so you can safely secure your laptop, documents, and other office necessities. And the reason veg-tanned leather crafts are so in-demand is that they are environmentally friendly, they age gracefully, develop a beautiful patina, and look unique.

    #2. A fine suit

    No man is complete without a suit. With the right choice of fabric, color, design, and tailor expertise, a fine suit can create this poise of professionalism and sophistication like no other garment. It can transform you into a business go-getter in an instant. So have you taken proper measurements? Did you gain some weight during the holidays? Do you plan on losing some? The reason these questions are important is that a suit needs to be not just fashionable but comfortable, too. So definitely consider hitting the gym to reach your ideal physique if you plan on making one. The end result can be unbelievable. 100% elegance!

    #3. Jeans

    Bring some timeless sexy back with a pair of good old jeans. However, don’t stick just to your regular Levi’s designs. There is a myriad of colors to choose from and combine so use your imagination when buying this fashion staple for men. Colors can reflect your mood and ladies love when a man can show some diversity by utilizing all sorts of hues. And if you got muscled legs to die for, by all means, emphasize those manly attributes with a pair of James Dean-type jeans.

    #4. An elegant coat

    Not only do coats fend off the cold but they also create this powerful poise that boosts confidence and enhances the appearance. And a quality piece will ooze respect. A modern-day gentleman cannot go without a fine tailored design. It will make you feel like you can conquer the world so it is no wonder why so many many choose a refined coat as their staple of sophistication and dignity.

    #5. Accessories

    Whether its shoes, belts, watches or any other accessories, having these details in your wardrobe selection brings flexibility to your fashion style. For instance, high-quality shoes are all about class and maturity. And you will need a belt to complement the color of the shoes, especially if you are wearing an elegantly-tailored suit. Remember, there is an etiquette to adhere to and colors and designs need to complement each other. And when your outfit is complete – it is time to add some finishing touches. Nothing too flashy, just little details to emphasize your masculine appearance, such as watches, sunglasses, and a ring or bracelet to show off some discreet manly bling.

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