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    5 of the Best Ways to Relax While Staying at Home

    Sometimes we think that spending so much time away from home is preventing us from leading a much more relaxing life. Being at work or out all the time can lead to a hectic schedule and feelings of stress or burnout. But if we are at home then it’s not necessarily an automatic result that we will spend the time being more relaxed. We need to make sure we spend our time in a way that maximizes the chances of it happening.

    Take a Bath

    This is a classic method of relaxation, taking a bath raises the body temperature (or it does if you are doing it right), it takes the weight off and gets you in your own little space. Use a good and soothing bubble bath, maybe light a couple of candles and put on some relaxing music. Be sure to plan your bath at a time when you will get the space to enjoy it, if you have the rest of the family banging on the door demanding access to do a number two then it’s not really going to work, is it?

    Turn Off the TV

    It doesn’t matter what else you do, but turn the television off, at least for some of the time. If you spend all of your spare time it may not be overly stressful, however, it won’t give you the proper relaxation and quality use of you time that you may need. Music, radio and so many other things can vary and mix-up your recreational time in a positive way.

    Oils & Aromatherapy

    Using oils for relaxation is nothing new and a great idea when at home. You can simply rub them into your skin as part of your beauty treatment routine. Or you can try these best essential oils and use them for all sorts of different uses, keeping in mind that different scents can be used in different ways.


    Now, this is the biggie. If you think of relaxation then meditation is often at the top of the list, maybe alongside Yoga. But it’s so simple and only requires a bit of space and this can be different for different people. Some of us can do it anywhere and others need a quiet or dark space, it’s very individual and what works for you only you can tell. You may want to use music or nature and animal sounds, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

    Read a Book

    It’s amazing how many times that people will tell us that they love to read, or at least used to love to read but never find the time to do it anymore. This goes back to our earlier point about turning the TV off and reading is a much better alternative, you can still get lost in a story, get to know new characters but in a much quieter and less intrusive way. You often find good books are made into movies but the book is always better.

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