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    5 Reasons Why Medical Uniforms Are Necessary for Hospitals

    Proper work attire is a necessity, and medical uniforms are no exception. These make a health care expert look professional and knowledgeable in their dealings with patients and co-medical specialists. And while these scrubs make you more presentable, it also makes a person trust your judgment when it comes to their health. But aside from the look it exudes, there are other reasons why nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff need to wear them.

    #1. Protection Against Chemicals and Bodily Fluids

    Whether there is a spill of blood from a coding emergency room patient or there is a chemical overflow in the lab, accidents inevitably happen. If the medical staff is wearing uniforms, it can protect them from almost anything.

    Scrubs manufactured with high-quality and durable materials ensure almost complete protection for the skin. It does not let any fluid – dangerous or safe – get through on your skin, keeping the doctor or nurse safe from harm. It is also flame-resistant and easy to remove in case of any fiery episodes while on a shift.

    #2. Efficient and Economical

    Medical uniforms are usually inexpensive and last for a long time. Typically made out of a combination of polyester and cotton, it ensures long-lasting toughness and maximum comfort. Cleaners use a special detergent to clean the outfits, which is strong enough to purge out bacteria and germs on it. One cannot use regular soap to wash out all the dirt and grime on the uniform. Even with that, it withstands a rigorous cleaning process. Even with the daily wash-and-wear, it lasts for years. And they are easy to replace if the need arises.

    #3. Functional

    Have you ever seen scrubs without pockets? These numerous compartments on both the shirt and pants of the uniforms are vital elements necessary for both doctors and nurses. These can hold everything nurses need to assist a doctor. And doctors also have spacious pockets to keep a penlight, stethoscope, phone, pager, and practically everything they need to check on the patient and communicate with the hospital. So, if they need something, there is no need to go back to the clinic or the nurse’s station to get it. And these pockets allow them to use their hands whenever necessary.

    #4. No Cross Contamination

    It is a bit expected that hospitals are both sterile and contaminated at the same time. The smell of disinfectant indicates cleanliness, but it is also an unfortunate breeding ground for viruses, germs, and bacteria. Regular clothes can be easily infected, and you can unknowingly be a carrier of said toxic substances. The cloth of scrubs is of antimicrobial material, which does not allow dangerous microbes to hang on to the medical practitioner’s clothes. So, it makes a health care worker sanitized at all times as much as possible and eliminates the risk of proliferation of sickness.

    #5. Flexible Movement

    Medical scrubs also make it easier for both surgeons and assistants to move comfortably while in surgery. These uniforms are not too tight that they can move freely. But these are also not that loose. It does not feel like the clothes will fall off the body at any time. The scrubs are just right if they allow you to bend and reach out to things without any clothes straining from the body and tearing at the seams.

    Medical uniforms are not just about looks or a status symbol. These scrubs are essential for the safety of all people – health care practitioners and patients alike.

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