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    5 Reasons Why you Should Consider Microblading

    If you love makeup but hate the eyebrow grooming part, microblading is the process for you. This method will ensure that your eyebrows look picture perfect always without any uncomfortable plucking and pulling. And this is just one reason why you should consider microblading: there are many more reasons why you should go for microblading.

    Before we get into the reasons, let’s first understand what exactly is microblading. You must follow the process correctly before you go for it at Avant Microblading.

    What is Microblading?

    Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that is made in the place of your eyebrows. It is performed with a customized pen that is capable of drawing on even on the tiniest of hairs. This process takes close to two hours and lasts for approximately two years with a follow-up session in between.

    Reasons to go for Microblading

    It can Correct Thin Eyebrows

    Yes, it’s true. Thick eyebrows are back in fashion, and all those who have plucked their eyebrows to the extreme will never be able to grow thick eyebrows naturally. No amount of waiting will bring that new hair back, so microblading can be your option to stay in fashion and get fuller eyebrows to show off.

    It can Fill in the Gaps in Eyebrows

    Sometimes, there is one area in the eyebrows that never grow hair. Microblading can come in handy in filling up that gap and give you a beautiful and neat eyebrow. This process can also help in the case where a cut in the eyebrows has created a permanent hole. The transition with microblading looks seamless and natural.

    It lets you choose the Shape you Want

    Microblading can help you have what you have always wanted, perfectly shaped eyebrows. You can select the shape you want and get them done, no matter the shape of your natural eyebrows. Microblading is a blessing for those who were not blessed by eyebrow gods and always struggled to create an arch.

    It Gives Long Lasting Results

    Once you get microblading done, you are done for almost two years. You do not need to rush to a salon every week. The pigment used in microblading is long-lasting and does not go away even when you go in for activities like swimming or sweat it out in the gym. All you will need to maintain your look with microblading is a few touchups from time to time.

    It Saves Makeup Time

    Eyebrow grooming is one of the most tedious tasks to do when you are getting ready for an event. It can take several minutes of your makeup time to get that perfect look, and god forbid, if you make a mistake, you might as well end up with a poorly shaped eyebrow. Microblading from a premier facility like Avant Microblading saves you the time and effort needed to groom the eyebrows every time you plan to step out in complete makeup.

    It Does not Have Any Recovery Time

    Microblading requires little to no downtime. This process is incredibly safe, and you can expect to be completely healed within a month of the process. Plus, other than some redness in the area, you won’t experience any discomfort and should be able to get back to your routine immediately after the process. In all, you won’t need to take a break or leave form work to get this process done.

    Caring for Eyebrows after Microblading

    Microblading is a safe and secure process to maintain beautiful and fuller eyebrows. It is also a simple process that does not call for much aftercare. Here are some points that will help you enjoy the process for a more extended period.

    • Do not wet the eyebrows for close to 10 days after the process.
    • Apply a good sunscreen on the eyebrows when you step out in the sun. This will ensure that your eyebrows do not lose color with time.
    • Apply an antiseptic lotion on the eyebrows till the redness goes away. Ask your technician to recommend an excellent antiseptic cream or lotion.

    What to do in Case of Infection?

    An infection in the eyebrow after microblading is a rare event, but if it happens, you need to seek immediate medical attention. If you notice swelling in the area or there is yellow oozing along with pain and a fever, it is a clear sign that you have an infection. An infection in the eyebrows needs to be treated immediately because it is very close to the eyes and the brain and may lead to severe issues if ignored for a long time.

    Infection in the eyebrows is often a result of inexperience and ignorance on the part of your technician. Make sure to choose a microblading technician after thorough research and also ensure that the facility is clean and well-maintained. One very crucial thing you need to check at the facility you choose is to ensure that they use a one-time microblading tool and are very particular about hygiene. Avant Microblading is a top-class facility that has been designed for comfort and care. You can trust them to do an excellent job on your eyebrows without causing any complications.

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