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    5 Simple Ways to Change the Mood

    Are you tired of the atmosphere in your home? Do you long to come back at the end of the day to somewhere that looks different and has a livelier mood? Perhaps you’d like to add a touch of romance or create a greater sense of space. Perhaps there’s enough going on in your life already and you simply want the place to be more relaxing. Whatever the mood you’re trying to create, this article will help.

    #1. Colors

    A fresh touch of color can do wonders for a tired old room. Neutrals are great if you want to emphasize space and create a calm mood, but they’re falling out of style now as designers favor a more energetic look. Orange, yellow and lime green create a zesty look and work well in kitchens. Reds and purples are intense and passionate and can add glamor to a bedroom. Rich, deep blues and greens are a big deal this season and look fantastic in friezes or up to dado height in your living or dining room, conveying a natural elegance. Don’t be shy about using patterns that combine your favorite colors to lively effect. Patterned tiles can look particularly good on your bathroom floor or a single wall, helping you to liven up an often neglected room.

    #2. Light

    You can get a lot more out of the colors in your home by letting in more light. Replace bulky curtains with wooden shutter blinds and you’ll instantly give yourself more control over the light. They let you adjust the mood over the course of the day from pick-me-up morning sunshine to long, cool afternoons with slats of light streaking across the floor and cozy evenings with the outside world kept at bay. Use a little imagination with your ceiling lights and you can really change the mood of a room, from the cool esthetic of recessed spotlights to the exotic glow of softly colored globes or the glamor of chandeliers. Adding standing lamps and desk lamps with tinted shades gives you even more control.

    #3. Texture

    The texture of the materials in your room has a big influence on how light travels and how your eyes perceive color. Soft fabrics such as velvet absorb more light, creating a cozy atmosphere, while shiny ones reflect it for a bright, crisp look. Light, floating fabrics such as chiffon both absorb and diffuse, helping to create a nuanced, romantic atmosphere. Cotton and similar fabrics are good for creating a neutral effect and are the equivalent of traditional matte wallpapers or chalk paints. When it comes to paint, matte emulsion distributes light more effectively than gloss. Where furniture is concerned, lightly varnished wood absorbs light for a warm look, while glass and ceramics give you that harder edge.

    #4. Space

    A major factor in the mood of each room in your home is the way that you distribute furniture within it. Clutter is generally problematic, but if it’s well planned, then it can add to a sense of coziness or rustic charm. Storing away all your junk and stripping back a room to the basics immediately makes it look bigger for a fresher, more modern atmosphere. Lighter-colored walls add to this effect, and your room will look taller if its ceiling is a shade lighter than they are. You can also add the impression of height by emphasizing vertical lines (e.g. in window and door frames).

    #5. Statements

    Sometimes, a single piece of furniture or decoration can set the mood for a room. If you’re willing to paint or re-cover furniture, then this could be something you already own. It could be a large mirror that also helps you make more of the light, or a dramatic work of art. The important thing is not to overwhelm the room in a way that makes it look smaller or diminishes the apparent quality of other items. You can reduce the risk of this by positioning it to one side rather than centering it, and by incorporating other items with similar colors, or items that share a theme with it, at a distance.

    Using techniques like this to alter the mood in your home can help you breathe new life into it, but you don’t need to make a lot of effort or spend a lot of money. Simple things such as throws, cushions and rugs can help you adjust the theme and color in an instant and can be tucked away again later. This enables you to change the mood with the seasons or even at different times of day so that your rooms always look just the way you want them to.

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