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    5 Tips For Making a Perfect Bachelor Pad

    Happily single, but ready to mingle, that’s what sums up the life of a bachelor. We are at the right age to settle down, mature enough to survive adulthood, young-still to enjoy life and secured to be independent. And with independence comes the need to have our own space, a bachelor pad.

    With adulthood or being bachelor comes the gift of freedom, steering your life by your own and living by yourself. It also comes with responsibilities of paying your own bills, cooking your own food, doing your own laundry and maintaining your very own space. As a young adult, capable of having your own place, there no better exciting thing to do that designing your own space.

    The definition of a bachelor pad is vague enough for everyone to conceptualize their own idea. But if you are baffled by it, here are some tips to guide you through this journey.

    Try To Be A Minimalist

    Sticking to minimalism will help you create more livable space, improve functionality to every item and tidier place. Why tidier? Well, as a bachelor you will have a lot of things going on. From a busy day at work, night out with the guys, dating and gym sessions, you will have little to no time to clean up. And the only way to keep things clean and tidy even though you have little time is by preventing it to happen in the first place. And that is why having a minimalist style helps for a bachelor pad.

    Furniture Matters

    You fixtures and furniture will be the most important items in your pad. Not only do they serve a purpose, they also provide comfort, mood, organization and character. Make sure you have the ultimate furniture, your sofa. It is going to be more frequently used than your bed, to be honest. It will be used by you when you play your game, watch your sports, and entertain your guests.

    Choose the couch with an earth tone color or something in the darker spectrum. Stains can be such an eye sore and cleaning it will be struggle.

    Invest In The Sound System

    Whether you are a sports dude, a movie goer or just a good old music lover, having a good quality sound system is a good investment. I mean, this will essentially make your entertainment experience at home amazing. No need to go to cinema for a date, you could just ask her for a Netflix and chill. And for sure, when your friends heard about this. Your pad will be your circle’s headquarters for the finals night.

    Create Storage Solutions

    You are blessed if your bachelor pad happens to be a two-story apartment. You may even have a studio apartment and that is fine. The only problem with that is space, and where you are going to place all the belongings you have. Between your video games, magazines, sports gear, and music instruments, you need to find solutions to store them properly without looking to messy.

    You can look for the vertical space available in your room. You could just buy storage items like a basket, organizing bins to keep everything clean and organized or install cabinets high in your ceiling or look for underutilized spaces like the back of your door.

    Add a Form of Art

    Who does not want to be called cultured? The moment a guest comes in, you need to give them a good impression of your personality. You can impress them by putting up some form of artwork based on your interest and character. It does not have to be a literal painting or sculpture. It could be your great collection of baseball caps, comic books, or maybe teddy bears.

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