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    5 Types of Energy-Efficient Windows to Consider for Your Next Window

    Are you looking for a way to cut your energy costs? You may find it necessary to start with replacing your windows. Energy-efficient windows have the power to reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home significantly. In addition, they provide you with the traditional benefits of new window replacements. They allow in maximum daylight and provide you a pleasant view of the outdoors.

    But what exactly are energy-efficient windows and how can you identify them? Energy-efficient windows are modern windows that are designed to maintain a uniform temperature in the house. For this reason, they save you the energy that you need to either cool or heat your home. They are characterized by features such as multiple panels, a low U-factor, and an energy star.

    To help you shop right for energy-efficient windows replacements, here are 5 types of designs which meet the mentioned criteria:

    Awning Windows

    These window replacements are hinged at the upper part and are built to open in an outward manner. You can easily open and close them just by turning their handles. What makes awning windows really energy-efficient is that the sash and the window frame are built to lock and seal completely, preventing air leakage. So, they are able to guarantee uniformity of the indoor temperature.

    Triple Glazed Vinyl

    These windows employ advanced technology to guarantee maximum insulation. During the cold season, the windows allow passive solar emissions so as to retain heat within your rooms. During the summer, they also employ the same mechanism, though in a reverse manner, to maintain a cool condition indoors. These windows feature three vinyl panels that are all insulated. This makes the option a dependable and sturdy replacement.

    Casement Windows

    These window replacements are hinged on their sides. They are built to work using a crank operating mechanism. The mechanism allows you to easily operate the windows even in the most inaccessible places in your house. Just like the awning windows, these window replacements are highly energy-efficient since they suffer minimal air leakage. This is aided by their closing mechanism. They shut completely by pressing the sash against the frame.

    Gas Filled Windows

    Though still a mystery to most homeowners, these window replacements are among the top performers in the market today. Their technology is a little bit new. The windows are characterized by gaps that are filled with an inert gas such as argon or xenon. The inert gas is pumped and sealed within the gaps to provide maximum insulation.

    Hopper Windows

    Hopper windows are the direct opposite of awning windows in terms of design. They are hinged at the lower part and are built to open inwards. Like the awning windows, the sash and the window frame are designed to lock completely so as to reduce air leakage. Thus, they guarantee maximum energy-efficiency.

    The next time you are doing a window replacement project, just consider the above window design options. They’ll guarantee you a significant reduction in the heating and cooling costs of your home. Furthermore, they are attractive and stylish enough to improve the value of your home.

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