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    5 Watch Trends to Consider in 2019

    Having a sense of style never fails to impress, and the easiest way to look awesome is by keeping up with fashion trends. When it comes to watches, 2019 is quite a promising year. In the past, the world of watches has transformed drastically. It is as a result of the internet age that has brought about a lot of technological advancement.

    Some smartwatches dare to replace your phone as the most useful tool you have. Even so, 2019 watch trends are much more than just technology. The in-things that are coming through have a lot to do with style and convenience. Here are watch fashions that will be in favor this 2019:

    #1. Vintage Vibes

    It seems like watches with historically inspired designs will never be out of fashion. This 2019, retro designs will be trendy because of their ‘good old times’ effect and the heritage they represent. Archives inspire humanity to new ideas, an adage that is profound even in the watch-making industry. Top entities like MVMT watches are selling vintage timepieces that have a splash of modern state-of-the-art technology to ensure top-shelf quality and functionality.

    #2. Heavy Bimetal

    Due to their strong corporate-office vibes, bimetal watches will be in fashion this 2019. Titanium, gold, and silver are types of bimetal expected to rock the shelves. Over the years, bimetal brands have won many hearts. You cannot fail to see someone wearing these type of watches when you walk in the streets of any city. The shine that these watches provide can match with many outfits.

    #3. Going Green

    Over the years, the color blue has had a killer effect in watches. However, things are changing. Green watches is a trend that is taking the fashion world by storm, something that will continue throughout 2019. One good thing about a green shaded watch is that it can lift a look with ease. It is a timepiece that says ‘money’ despite having a favorable price tag.

    #4. Three-hand Watches

    They are watches designed to perform a chronometer’s purest function- indicating time in seconds, minutes, and hours. The simplicity is what makes this trend fashionable in 2019. Many people are realigning their mentality to seek minimalist ways having experienced the mental/ emotional fatigue that comes with owning too many things. One core value of minimalism is simplicity, and thus three-hand-watches are arguably the next big thing.

    #5. Smaller Sizes

    Small watches are also gaining traction in the fashion industry. One reason is that many companies are looking to accommodate customers with varying wrist sizes. Earlier on, most watches were for the big or average wrist sizes. Smaller timepieces were for children. Wristwatch companies have realized there are many people with small wrist who deserve a trendy timer like everybody else. It makes small sized watches a trend in 2019.


    On top of making you look smart, a watch will make you feel confident and enable you to account for time. 2019 is the year to invest in stylish watches. If you consider the fashion list above, you will not lack a timepiece that elevates you.

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