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    6 Easy And Effective Ways To Relieve Stress

    Stress is something that most people deal with in their day to day lives. Just because it’s common, though, that doesn’t mean it’s not problematic.

    The longer a person is subjected to stress, the greater the impact it has on their mental wellbeing. That can do some serious damage, which is why it’s essential that people find ways to relax their minds and overcome whatever’s plaguing them.

    Thankfully, it’s surprisingly easy to relieve stress, at least to some degree. Some of the simplest activities can help ease your worries, and these are six of the best.

    #1. Mindful Chores

    Chores like washing the dishes or ironing aren’t always the most enjoyable of activities. However, it seems they can really make a difference to your stress levels if you apply some mindfulness to them. Essentially, what this means is that you pay more attention to what you’re doing, acknowledging the impact on your senses and truly living in the moment.

    A research study found that students who applied mindfulness to washing dishes recorded a 27% drop in nervousness. Presumably, those results could be similar for other chores if the same techniques are applied.

    #2. Sit Up Straight

    It’s not uncommon to be told to sit up straight or else risk doing lifelong damage to your back. However, it seems the benefits of doing this aren’t just good posture and a healthy spine. It appears that sitting up straight could also help to elevate your mood and wash away some of that unwanted stress.

    Slouching can apparently have an impact on your mood and self-esteem, so by doing the opposite, your mental wellbeing starts to improve. It may not be able to rid you completely of your stress, but sitting up properly can still reportedly help you to feel more confident and think less negatively. That ought to be worth keeping your back straight wherever possible.

    #3. CBD Oil

    When a person can’t cope with their stress and anxiety, a doctor may prescribe them medication to help ease their minds. While this can be effective, a lot of people don’t want to rely on pills to keep themselves relaxed. Fortunately, there are other medical treatments you can take that serve a similar purpose, one of the best being CBD oil.

    This stuff has grown in popularity in recent years as people have sought a simpler, more pleasant solution to their worries. Available in multiple forms with the potential to help with sleep, fight pain, and boost your immunity – along with relieving stress – they could be the solution you need. If you’re interested, CBD oil is easy to purchase at Holland & Barrett. Their selection varies in effectiveness, and you can learn more here. Handpicked CBD took the time to research and review the Holland and Barrett CBD products so that you can make as informed a purchase as possible.

    #4. Human Contact

    There’s nothing quite like spending time with someone you care about to relieve stress. When you’re surrounded by people who love you and want to make you happy, it can work wonders for your mental wellbeing. It’s not just talking to them and sharing all your troubles that can ease your mind though.

    Simple things like holding their hands or hugging them can have a huge impact on you because it reportedly slows the release of cortisol. This is the chemical in your brain that causes stress, so the less of that, the better. It also apparently boosts your endorphins, which are the positive chemicals that lift your mood and help you feel more optimistic.

    #5. Help Others

    It seems that holding people’s hands or hugging them aren’t the only ways that loved ones can make you feel better. Your brain can also get a boost simply from you doing nice things for them. Even the most basic of activities like getting them a drink or holding the door open can set off a positive spark upstairs.

    It’s not just for the people you care about either; helping out strangers can be just as effective. It turns out that doing nice things for others can pay off immensely for your mental wellbeing.

    #6. Fish Tanks

    Have you ever been to a pet store and gotten distracted by the fish tanks? It’s hard not to get invested in all the colourful fish swimming around, and that’s a good thing. After all, it seems that watching these animals could actually have a positive impact on your stress levels.

    Research has discovered that something as simple as watching fish swim around can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Even better is that the more fish there are in a tank, the longer they hold your attention and boost your mood. This discovery may mean it’s worth spending more time looking around pet stores, regardless of if you have a pet or not.

    While these activities might not rid you of all your stress, they’re very simple activities that can make a bad day easier to cope with. Always speak to a doctor if you’re really struggling with your mental wellbeing, though, because these are no replacement for a medical professional’s help and treatment.

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