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    6 Must Have Essentials for Your Dog

    Dogs do need maintenance and sometimes, they need it more than humans. If you are a dog owner, you must be knowing this and if you are planning to be one, there is a lot for you to know and learn! Your four-legged fur-brat is not as easy to handle as you thought it would be. Transitioning into a pet parent brings a lot of changes and these changes can be smoothly dealt when you are pre-prepared.

    Having the necessary essentials can ease out the task. So, here is a list to aid you in the journey of becoming a Dog-Owner.

    #1. A Collar and A Leash

    The moment your dog enters your home, a collar and a leash become necessary. Collars can be plain or fancy, it’s up to you. It’s a good idea to put an identification tag in your dog’s collar in the first few days. A collar too tight can obdurate your dog’s breathing and a collar too loose can slip off, that is why make sure that the collar is comfortable enough for your dog. To know if the collar is a perfect fit, check if there is a two finger gap between the collar and the dog’s neck. If you have a puppy, keep on changing the collars as they grow too fast.

    The collar is attached to the leash, which helps you take your dog for a walk. It helps you control them from running in different directions and allows you to train them to be an obedient pet. The leash has to be strong and its material shouldn’t be the one that pares your skin. The length of the leash should be sufficient enough to allow free movement.

    A dog-harness can be a substitute for a dog-collar and is a product less-used. It helps in reducing the pressure that a collar exerts on the neck. A harness evenly distributes the force on the dog’s body. Buy a decently-long and a soft leash to keep your dog unbothered.

    #2. A Kennel for the Right Comfort

    Your dog is your family member and it needs its own space. Get a kennel that compliments the size of your dog. It’s a great comforting space in winters. There is a variety of kennels available and you can get it customized as well. Beds are also a good option as they are easy to move and clean. These days you can find dogs beds covered in fleece or sheepskin which makes it more durable and comfortable. You can make these beds more cosy by adding cushions and pillows.

    #3. Dog-friendly Bowls and Litter Boxes

    It’s gross to put these two together but ultimately they are a part of the same metabolic function. For eating and drinking purposes, there is a variety of food and water bowls to find. From ceramic bowls to steel ones, you can find them all. Glass bowls are also there but dogs are too clumsy to sustain with them.

    Litter boxes are for the new pups and the extremely old ones. No one can stand their dogs littering rooms. A litter box can save your labour for cleaning the shit. Petsho has provided in depth information about the the about litter boxes, you can know more about it there. The task doesn’t get over by making the purchase, keeping the tools clean and sanitized is the real job.

    #4. The Real Thing: The Food

    Some people assume feeding the dog is all about buying a bag of pet food. Sadly that’s not the case! Taking good care of your dog’s intake can actually save your time and money in visiting the Vet. The energy and nutritional demands must be met properly. According to the age, there are special diet plans for the dogs. For a newborn puppy, the diet mainly focuses on growth and development. To meet the specific needs, there has to be the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fats etc. For an adult one, the diet differs. If you are new to all of this, take assistance from the Pet store associates.

    #5. For the Good Looks

    Nothing is more attractive than a well-behaved and a well-groomed pupper! In case you have a yorkie with long flowy hair, it is very important to own the best brush for Yorkie hair, so that you can groom him well. Give your dog a proper wash, get his toenails trimmed and the teeth brushed. This process might take more time than your usual cleaning routine does but it’s really worth it. Some grooming tools include Bristle Brush, Shampoo, Nail Clippers, Blow Dryer, Feline-Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Ear Cleaning Solution etc. The entire process doesn’t only help them look good but also teaches them discipline and patience. This entire task sounds tedious, but in reality, grooming your pet is fun!

    #6. Toys for the Playtime

    Toys are also categorized in certain divisions. To satisfy your pup’s need to gnaw, get some chew toys. They are hard-rubber toys that do not get ruined easily. Then there are fetch toys, good for the times when you play with your pupper. They include balls, flying disc etc. Low-quality toys can be easily broken and ingested by the pet. Go for good-quality toys, as one one-time investment is better than buying something repeatedly.

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