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    6 Things to Know Before Vaping CBD

    CBD is one of the leading substances present in the world owing to its utility in terms of healing various ailments. It is obtained from hemp and cannabis plant and contains THC. Having the ability to better ailments like arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain, CBD is considered to be the ‘go-to’ substance for many.

    CBD is consumed through different methods including orally, sublingually, topical application, and vaping. Some people prefer to consume it while some prefer ointment. Among people that use CBD, are those who vape CBD oil as well. It is considered somewhat, a better way to have CBD, as it prompts faster absorption in comparison to oral or topical application.

    CBD Oil

    CBD oil or hemp oil is typically used as an oral tincture for the purpose of remedying different ailments. There are different types of CBD oils that can help people with mental as well as physical health issues.

    CBD Vape Juice:

    CBD vape juice or CBD distillate is a type of vape oil which does not contain any oil but is named as such. It is usually manufactured with food-grade ingredients to assure that its consumption is healthy. It is usually different from oil-based tinctures and that can be ascertained by having a read of the ingredients. Ingredients other than PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes, and cannabinoids mean that it cannot be used for vaping.

    CBD Cartridges:

    Disposable e-cigarette tanks that are sleek and slim contain CBD e-juice for vaping. It is used to connect with a 510 battery and used for convenient vaping. Often termed as pods, these are used with the trending JUUL.


    For a person to get right amount of CBD for best results against their ailments or health issues, is somewhat a dainty task. That is because CBD helps a person relax and recline against any stress they might have and that is never gauged to maximum accuracy. A person’s body weight, height & build make a lot of difference in the usage of CBD and its results. Vape cartridge containing around 100 mg CBD will eventually ensure 1-2 mg of it is transferred with each inhale.

    To better assert the best dosage, one should pay attention to their vaping habit and its result. Try to start with a small quantity or dosage of CBD and increase it gradually with time till it reaches the desired result. On average, a CBD consumer would have 10-30 mg of CBD in a day, but people with serious conditions like inflammation and pain can take 200-1000 mg as well.

    Psychoactive Behavior

    CBD is a substance that does not induce psychoactive behavior which means that a person using CBD will not get high. The minimum level of THC i.e; 0.3%, is a very low amount and THC is what makes a person psychoactive and make them feel high. There are also products available for CBD consumers with no THC at all.

    CBD helps with ailments and although there is a very relaxed environment when you vape CBD oil, being relaxed is fairly different from being high as there is a fine line. One can experience a state of peace and calm without being high and psychoactive with CBD vape oil.

    Legal to use

    CBD has been recognized by many countries around the globe for its active role in dealing with health issues. Many of the countries have legalized the use of CBD and its products as well as inducting them in different clinics and rehabilitation centers for medicinal purposes.

    Canada, UK, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, France are some of the countries that have legalized use of CBD. However, there are still places where a prescription from a doctor is mandatory to obtain CBD products.

    Quality Products

    When vaping CBD, it is important that one buys well-maintained, regulated and healthy products. As CBD is used to cure ailments, it is important that people spend more to get better products rather than buying low-quality products. As the industry is growing exponentially, there are a lot of brands that make their way to market, but that is not something which ensures that their CBD Vape product is up to the mark. Artisan Vapor Company is one of the leading retailer offering best products in vaping realm.

    CBD Intake Method

    There are other methods of consuming CBD as well, but vaping is more fun and yields better results owing to the transfusion of CBD into the bloodstream directly. Sublingual consumption means that CBD oil drops will be dropped under the tongue, or orally consuming it, which is not preferred by many as a taste of CBD is bitter. That is why vaping CBD is easy and convenient.

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