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    6 Tips for Older Adults to Improve Their Sleep

    All throughout our lives our sleeping patterns change. And, at any age our sleep is important.

    When you are older it is very common to suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing that you can do about it or you just need to accept it.

    Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to your physical health as well as mental. Your concentration is impacted and can have you forgetting simple things.

    Take a look at this article to get some ideas on how to improve your sleep as you age.

    #1. Change your mattress

    How old is your mattress? Do you remember when you bought it? There is a good chance that your mattress is mostly at fault for your poor sleep. You should be changing mattresses every 7 years or so. If yours is older than that then this is a good time to look into buying a new mattress.

    #2. Set up a sleep schedule

    It may seem like a good idea to just go to sleep when your tired but this is wrong. By doing that then your sleep becomes irregular. You need to basically train your brain to get ready for bed. Your internal clock will know when sleep time is approaching only when you get to bed around the same time every night.

    #3. Don’t watch TV or read a book in bed

    If you treat your bed like an extension of the living room, then your mind and body won’t be ready to rest. If you spend your leisure time in another room, then when you come to bed your mind will understand that it is time to sleep and release melatonin.

    Use your bedroom as a place to sleep and leave the entertainment for other areas of the house.

    #4. Get exercise

    You may have trouble sleeping because you don’t feel tired enough. Make sure you are moving around throughout the day. If you feel like you are sitting around a lot then set up an exercise schedule. Go for a walk after dinner or do some yoga during the day.

    #5. Try aromatherapy

    Even if you aren’t committing any sleep mistakes, then you may need a helping hand from some essential oils that will help your brain turn itself off. Using a diffuser filled with oils like chamomile or lavender will help fill your room with scents that signal to the brain to start producing melatonin.

    You can even use a spray bottle to lightly scent your pillow with some diluted essential oils.

    #6. Take naps

    You may resist taking a nap during the day thinking it will cause you to not fall asleep. This is actually the opposite. If you nap during the day your body will be able to produce hormones that help you relax for long after.

    Take these tips to heart and you will find yourself getting back on track in no time. Just because you are advanced in age doesn’t mean you should accept poor sleep!

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