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    7 Brands Best Slides Celebrities Can’t Stop Wearing

    Long gone are the days when slides were only loungewear, and we used to feel humiliated while wearing these rubber sandals in public. Do you want to know how these essential slides become a fashion statement? The reason is influencers and celebrities. They have made slides a trend for us to follow, and we will look into some of their favorite and go-to brands for super-comfy slides. So let’s see what the 6 brands’ best slides that celebrities can’t stop wearing are.

    #1. PUMA

    The pop queen Rihanna is spotted wearing PUMA slides on several occasions, and later on, she also launched the Rihanna×PUMA collection. Also, the PUMA jelly slides are a big hit that provides a celebrity statement to whoever wears them. Gigi Hadid is also spotted wearing white faux fur slides casually.

    Khloe Kardashian is an internet sensation, and she again stunned in PUMA fur slides, and if these icons are slaying in slides, why can’t we? PUMA slides are famous for their comfortable and contoured fit that gives your feet comfort and vogue simultaneously.

    #2. MiuMiu

    Teenage sensation Hailey Bieber is seen wearing pearl ornamented slides on several occasions with a casual outfit yet making a statement. Petra Ecclestone also gives us informal outfit goals with ornamented MiuMiu slides. MiuMiu is a well-known brand whose top influencers and fashion divas own trendy and cute slides.

    #3. Freedom Moses

    This brand makes shoes that are recyclable, waterproof, washable, and animal friendly. Freedom Moses sandals provide the classic summer-friendly style in the label’s signature scented rubber for a comfy option that you need in the warm-weather weekends. There’s nothing more convenient than just slipping into your shoes – no socks, no laces, not an inch of velcro.

    #4. Fendi

    The youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner’s favorite brand is Fendi, and she owns a whole collection of Fendi and is often spotted wearing great Fendi fur slides with tights and a hoodie. Is there anything that Kylie wears and it does not become a fashion statement?

    Chrissy Teigen also owns Fendi Fur pool slides and loves to wear them. Hilary Duff’s go-to brand for footwear is also Fendi, and she rocks in Fendi slides and a Gucci clutch.

    #5. Nike

    Nike is a favorite brand of celebrities, and they are often spotted wearing its slides. Zendaya has a minimalist and basic Nike slide that she wears quite usually with casual outfits. Gigi Hadid is also seen making a style statement with Black, and White Nike slides that look perfect on her outfit.

    Miley Cyrus, who is innovative with her outfits, has also worn Nike slides on several occasions and considers them her favorite. Nike always gives us fashion goals, and its slides are also perfect for casual wear and airport or vacation looks.

    #6. Birkenstocks

    Birkenstocks are a brand that focuses on comfort and fashion all together. This brand is a favorite airport look for Naomi Watts and Alexa Chung. They are seen wearing this brand and rocking the casual slide look.

    Super-model and celebrity Kendall Jenner also stuns in white Birkenstock slides and wears them occasionally. This brand has created some of the most comfortable and cozy slides that people cannot stop talking about, and they are top-rated on social media.

    #7. Gucci

    Gucci is a brand known for its lavish and high-end products, and whatever they release becomes a trend. Hailey Baldwin owns pairs of Gucci fur slides and slays in them. Kylie Jenner is also spotted wearing a Gucci slide in one of her Instagram posts. Gucci is a brand owned by almost all the influencers and celebs, so it is a leading fashion brand, and their slides also make a statement for whoever wears them.


    In this era of Instagram, whatever celebrities wear becomes a trend, so we have shown you a few brands that celebrities often wear and are their favorite. If you are looking for a perfect vacation or casual slide, make sure to check these brands.

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