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    7 Health Benefits of Dirtbike Riding

    Dirt bike riding is a fun and immersive hobby, however, aside from being a great pastime, it is also a great way to stay fit and healthy. Remember that you will be using your whole body to stabilize and maneuver the dirt bike over obstacles, so you will be strengthening key parts of your body. Here are 7 health benefits dirt bike riding could offer.

    #1. Strengthened core muscles

    As surprising as it is, dirtbike riding is a great core workout. Remember that while riding a dirtbike, you will need to jump over rough terrain, and throughout it all you will need to be as stable as possible on your dirtbike. While you are riding your dirtbike you will be using both your upper and lower abdomen to keep your bike stable,  you will also need a great deal of core strength to twist your torso with the dirt bike.

    If you want to further strengthen your core muscles, it is a good idea to do supplementary abdominal workouts such as sit-ups, planks, and curls. By doing your abdominal workouts regularly, you will be able to reinforce your body for all your dirt bike sessions.

    #2. Faster Reflexes

    When you ride your dirt bike on a regular basis, you will be able to develop very fast reflexes. Remember that you will need to be as fast as possible, in order to maneuver your dirt bike through very rough terrain.

    If you want to further hone your reflexes, you should make sure to protect your eyes. Remember that you will be using your eyes to scan the area for debris. Remember that dirt bike courses usually have a lot of sand, mud, and even stone particles. You will need to protect your eyes as effectively as possible.

    This is where dirt bike goggles come in handy. By wearing dirt bike goggles, you will be able to protect your eyes, and still be able to see no matter how muddy or dusty the road may be. If you want quality custom dirt bike goggles you should try out Felton. The company is known for creating a wide variety of goggles, and they can give you top quality eye-protection for the best prices possible.

    #3. Weight control

    One of the best things about dirt bike riding is that it allows you to work out on a  consistent basis. You’ll be surprised at how many calories you will burn on just one dirt bike riding session. When you do dirt bike riding, you are going to be maneuvering your bike over very rough and muddy terrain.

    You will be doing split second turns, and using your whole body to stabilize yourself the entire time. You will also be thinking fast on how to overcome the series of obstacles in your way.

    When you do dirt bike riding, you are technically doing a full-body workout. If you want to further increase your proficiency as a dirt bike rider, it is better if your weight is as optimum as possible. If you are heavy set, it will be more difficult for you to perform the deft movements required in dirt bike riding.

    #4. Toned arms and legs

    Dirt bike riding is a great way for you to keep your arms and legs toned. While you are riding your dirt bike, you will be using your whole body to steer and jump over obstacles. You will also be using your arms and legs to push and pull your dirt bike from muddy areas.

    While dirt bike riding is a great workout, it is also important that you stay safe. The most important body parts you should protect are your arms, legs, head and spine. For your arms and legs, you should wear elbow and knee pads. They will protect the elbows and kneecaps from any impact.

    As for your head, you should wear a sturdy helmet. Remember that your head is the most vulnerable part of your body, and even a slight bump could cause you to suffer a concussion or worse a bleed in the brain.

    #5. Powerful shoulder muscles

    Dirt Bike riding could help you develop powerful shoulder muscles. It takes strong powerful shoulder muscles to change directions with split second timing. It also takes strong shoulder muscles to handle a bucking dirt bike through muddy terrain.

    #6. Cardiovascular endurance

    It might seem surprising, but you’ll be able to increase your cardiovascular endurance if you do your dirt bike riding on a regular basis. Even if you are sitting down on your dirt bike, you will still be using your whole body to steer your dartlike.

    This means that you will be in a constant state of movement. As you use your dirt bike, your body will also be in a constant state of readiness, and will further increase your cardio.

    #7. Enhanced flexibility

    Dirtbike riding is a great way to improve your flexibility. Remember that you will need to be able to contort your body in certain ways to handle any kind of impact.

    If you do your dirt bike routines on a daily basis, your tendons and ligaments will become a lot more pliable. Before you start your dirt bike riding sessions, it is a good practice to do warm ups such as hamstring stretches and lunges.

    You should also do some arm stretches and finger rolls, to make your wrists and hands as flexible as possible.

    Yet another way you could increase your flexibility, is to take up yoga. It might seem tame, but the positions are actually more difficult than you’d expect.


    When it comes to dirt bike riding, a lot of people try it out because it is fun, however, very few people know the health benefits they can attain by going dirt bike riding every day.

    By trying out dirt bike riding, you will be able to take advantage of these health benefits.

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