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    The Right Way: 7 Modern Car GPS Devices for Travelers

    Technologies don’t stand still. Just 10 years ago, a car equipped with a GPS navigator was considered to be a luxury for most drivers – not every car could boast of such a device. However, today almost every vehicle is equipped with advanced satellite navigation systems. Drivers specifically choose the best navigators for cars to make driving comfortable, safe and to solve the problem of disorientation in the new terrain. This is especially convenient for those who use car rental while traveling abroad. Therefore, many travelers have a question: which car navigator is better to choose? So, the following material presents the best modern car GPS devices…

    iBOX PRO-5500 HD

    Which car navigators are worth your attention? Experts say that PRO-5500 HD model from iBOX is what travelers need. A large touch screen, rich multimedia capabilities, a good MediaTek 800 MHz processor, along with a large number of licensed cards will make the driving process simple and enjoyable even for novice car enthusiasts.

    It’s possible to purchase this model in several versions of operational platforms – both Windows and Android modifications are available. Thanks to the high-quality software “stuffing”, the iBOX PRO-5500 HD is included into the top list of modern car navigators.

    Ritmix RPG-560

    When choosing a good car navigator for traveling, you should give preference to the high-quality and reliable models. The body material made of aluminum and stainless steel provides Ritmix RGP-560 protection against corrosion.

    The software is protected from viruses and bugs, quickly loads any maps and is equipped with the function of viewing several sites at once. This allowed the device to appear regularly in the tops of the best car navigators. Thanks to the versatility of multimedia applications, Ritmix RGP-560 is a perfect solution to enjoy games, music and movies in high resolution.

    Navitel G500

    What car navigator is the best? The answer is Navitel G500. The stylish and ergonomic design of the device from Navitel is able to please not only with a spectacular appearance. The “stuffing” of G500 will satisfy even the most demanding users of digital technics:

    • The WinCE 6.0 operating system works smoothly and clearly, quickly loading the necessary cards for operation, and models on the Android platform are also available;
    • Advanced navigation software for beginners and professional drivers;
    • Touch screen.

    Prology iMap-7300

    This device is equipped with progressive components – a mobile processor with a clock frequency of 500 MHz, Navitel software, a chipset, 4 GB RAM. The model works on the popular Windows CE 6.0 operating system. It has recently been modified, so it works without errors and slowdowns, unlike the previous version. The model is considered to be the most well-thought.

    The program of the navigator is loaded with all world maps, including rugged terrain areas. The large 7-inch display allows you to not only view the maps, but also play videos and flash applications. By the combination of price, quality and versatility, the model takes the deserved first place. The question of which navigator is the best for a car will no longer require an answer.

    Lexand SA5 HD+

    Many GPS-navigators can boast of the presence of maps of any terrain, but not every model can be multi-functional. Lexand SA5 HD+ is a complete on-board computer that helps the driver to find the right way in the most difficult situations.

    It’s equipped with an updated OS Windows CE 6.0 protected from viruses and bugs. The Navitel application is used for viewing the maps – it’s licensed and has all the necessary extensions for the driver. Like all good navigators for cars, it has additional multimedia extensions.

    Large 5-inch screen allows you to see everything in the smallest details. The only disadvantage of this model is the absence of a 3G module. However, the problem can be solved by connecting the smartphone via Bluetooth.

    Prology iMap-5600

    This is probably the best car GPS navigator for traveling in urban conditions. Traditional design and software make this model an indispensable assistant for both novice drivers and conservative travelers with great driving experience. Prology iMap-5600 has a 5-inch LCD-monitor with a high-quality resolution capabilities, 4GB of RAM for fast operation, satellite licensed cards Navitel and the ability to connect to the Internet via smartphone.

    Navitel A735

    Those drivers who want to choose a good car navigator at an affordable price can purchase Navitel A735. Its advantages are more than 300 thousand maps, HD-cartography, a long-life battery, a sensitive sensor and a high screen resolution.

    Speaking of the price-quality ratio, this model loses to other competitors, but it’s suitable for those drivers who like the Android devices. It’s a kind of tablet with extensive multimedia capabilities.

    Summing it up, every price category of GPS-navigators has its own leaders. You can always choose the best budget navigator for the car or a premium model with an advanced software chip and ergonomic design. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it’s recommended to pay attention to the more well-known and reputable brands and choose from them the most suitable device to suit price and quality.

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