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    7 Things to Do When Travelling Internationally

    Proper planning is very important to make your international trip safe, comfortable and successful. When you want to visit a foreign country, booking flight tickets as well as  hotels alone is not enough but various other things are also to be taken care of. In order to make the international travel smooth and hassle-free it is advisable to do a lot of research well in advance and also to take a few additional steps. It is very important to gather maximum information about the places you are going to visit in order to enjoy the trip and to make it fruitful.

    Those who want to undertake international trips are required to keep in mind many things so as to avoid delays, inconveniences and unwanted expenses. This article will provide a few useful tips to ensure your foreign trip safe as well as enjoyable.

    #1. Go through your passport and also arrange for visa if required

    Once you have decided to undertake an international travel, you take your passport and check its date of expiry. Normally, the passport must be valid for minimum six months after you reach another country. There are a few exceptions which you may find out. For all details, visit the website of the particular country and in case your passport will expire shortly you may get it renewed before you leave for the foreign country. Tourist visa is essential to visit some of the foreign countries and the process of applying for tourist visa may differ from country to country.

    Applying for visa is a time-consuming process and moreover you may have to spend substantial amount of money also to obtain the visa. Hence it is all the more important to initiate the process sufficiently in advance. If you are likely to visit the same country again in the near future and if that country provides multiyear visas, it is advisable to go for the same and save time and money. You may ensure to carry with you photo copies of the information page of your passport and visa. If you want to rent a car at your destination you have to find out whether the driving license you already have will suffice or you have to obtain an International Driver’s License.

    #2. Get Properly Vaccinated

    Prior to your trip to abroad you should find out the vaccination requirements as well as health information pertaining to the country you want to visit. This information is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. You may try to get vaccinated six weeks prior to your departure so as to ensure effective prevention of diseases.

    When you travel to a country where the chances of getting infected are more, you have to consult a travel medicine expert and get vaccinated accordingly. You may also gather information regarding consumption of water and food at your destination and also maximum number of health tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. When you want to carry medicines with you, pack them properly, note the generic name of the drug and also carry with you photocopies of the prescriptions.

    In case you carry syringes with you, you should obtain a letter from your doctor and declare the syringes prior to the security check. It is advisable to carry a little more than the exact requirement of medicines when you undertake international travel.

    #3. Trip Registration

    When you travel out of your country, it is very important to register your trip. You can register your trip online. While registering your trip you should enter your itinerary. When your trip is registered it will be easy for the government department to know your whereabouts and contact you whenever there is an emergency. If you specify while registering that your travel details can be shared with third parties, your family members or friends can contact the concerned department if required.

    #4. Pack your things safely, perfectly and appropriately

    It is advisable not to carry various valuable things with you during your international trip. You may carry electronic items that are quite necessary. You may strictly avoid costly jewelry. Before you start packing for your international trip it is advisable to empty your wallet so that you will not be carrying any of the items that are not required. Label your bags with closed baggage tags. Mention your name, address and phone number on the labels. Keep your luggage properly locked using good quality locks that are approved by the transportation security department.

    #5. Learn key phrases in the local language

    Proper and effective communication is essential to ensure safety as well as convenience. When you travel to a foreign country you may pick up a few words and phrases in the local language of that country for basic communication such as “thank you”, “which is the way to restaurant”, “hello, how are you”, etc. You can also make use of flash cards as well as printed out documents with relevant words and phrases to avoid communication hassles. If you have food allergies or severe medical problems, you may try to learn how to inform about these problems in the local language of the country you will be visiting.

    #6. Taking Money with you when you go abroad

    There are different methods to take money with you while travelling internationally. Instead of taking heavy amounts of cash with you it is advisable to use the other methods in combination so as to ensure safety as well as convenience. For purchase of car rentals, flight tickets, foods from restaurants, etc., Credit Cards are ideal. By using Credit Cards you can get a better exchange rate and with most of the Credit Cards you can gain extra travel points.

    Debit Cards make cash withdrawal in local currency easier, since ATMs are available all over the world. Debit Cards provide good exchange rates also.

    Some of the establishments which you may be visiting may not accept cards. Hence it is advisable to carry small amount of cash also with you when you go abroad. Also, to ensure security, you can use Prepaid Cards as well as Traveler’s Cheque’s for your international trips.

    #7. Transferring Money to your Destination

    Many people like to transfer money to the destination they are going to, to avoid traveling with large sums of cash or risk credit cards not working in the new country. This is commonly done for vacations in Mexico. For those who want to transfer funds to Mexico here are a few tips on how to send money to Mexico. Before transferring Money to Mexico or whatever destination you are visiting, you may compare the fees and exchange rates of different money transfer service providers like TransferWise, Worldremit, Western Union and ICICI Bank.

    Those want to transfer money for cash pickup and bank deposit may ensure to send the Money to the best cash pickup locations and banks in Mexico like Elektra, Oxxo and BanCoppel. Deposits may be made to any one of the major banks like Banorte and BBVA.

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