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    7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Home Workout

    Making time for fitness in your weekly routine is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but when gym memberships and classes come with steep price tags, you might find yourself looking for a more affordable way to stay in shape. The good news is you don’t need pricey spin classes or access to luxury gyms to experience a satisfying sweat session. With a little open space, some inexpensive workout gear and the motivation to break a sweat, you can turn your home into your own personal fitness studio. Make the most of your home workout with these tips and start slaying your fitness goals without ever having to step out the door.

    #1. Clear a Space to Work Out

    To make your home into your own private gym, you’ll want to set aside ample space for your workouts. Whether you’re able to dedicate an entire room or just a fraction of one to your sweat sessions, all that matters is that you can safely move around without bumping into furniture every time you break out the jump rope or jump into a burpee.

    Of course, that’s not to say you can’t incorporate your furniture into your at-home workouts from time to time. Try tucking your toes under a sofa or armchair to help keep your feet on the ground during a set of crunches or substitute a low, sturdy table for a workout bench to do tricep dips. There are plenty of ways you can make room in any home for a workout, especially when you get creative and use the space to your advantage.

    #2. Use an Exercise Mat

    When working out at home, safety is a top priority. Protect your body from discomfort and injury by purchasing a soft exercise mat to roll out in your workout space. Especially if you plan on practicing yoga or doing frequent floor workouts, you’ll want to have a comfy mat handy. Another bonus of having your own exercise mat? It allows you to take your workout anywhere. So, if you’re looking to get some fresh air or take advantage of warm weather during the summer, you can lay out your mat outside for a little al fresco fitness.

    #3. Invest in Basic Workout Equipment

    While you don’t need a full at-home gym complete with weight and cardio machines to get in a great at-home workout, you may want to invest in some basic workout equipment to help you challenge your body and boost your burn. Shop for a set of inexpensive dumbbells or a medicine ball to incorporate weightlifting into your routine or pick up some resistance bands and some rubber flooring tiles to ramp up ramp up your strength training. And if you want to work some cardio into your fitness regimen, a jump rope can be an affordable tool to help get your heart rate up.

    #4. Dress for Your Workout

    Even if you aren’t leaving your house to break a sweat, you’ll still want to dress in the right gear to ensure you can effectively and comfortably move through your workout. Purchase affordable workout attire to wear during your home gym sessions so you have the proper apparel to support your body through sit-ups, squats and side planks. Plus, cute and comfy workout wear can get you in the right mindset, making you feel motivated and confident as you get ready to get fit.

    #5. Take Advantage of Workout Apps

    Avoid getting stuck in a workout rut and keep your fitness routine fresh by taking advantage of workout apps. With a variety of fitness-focused apps ready to download right to your phone–each offering a collection of workouts you can practice from home–you never have to get bored doing the same workout over and over. Plus, there are a number of apps available at every price point, some completely free of cost, but all significantly cheaper than most full-time gym memberships.

    And there are apps out there to match anyone’s fitness preferences. Whether you’re into yoga or Pilates classes, weightlifting or high-intensity interval training, there are virtual workout guides for you. Download an app to advance your current workout routine or try something totally new. Either way, with a library of workouts at your fingertips, your at-home workout routine will never get old.

    #6. Create a Motivating Workout Playlist

    If you’re having a hard time getting amped up for your workout, especially without an instructor to motivate you, try creating a pump-up playlist to get you in the zone. Studies show that the right music can not only inspire you to get moving but can actually help you work out harder, too, giving you good reason to turn up the tunes. Make your sweat session soundtrack ahead of time so when you’re ready to work out, you can hit play and jump right in.

    #7. Eliminate Distractions

    One of the hardest parts of working out at home is avoiding distractions. It can be especially tempting to turn on the TV, scroll through social media or read your emails when you’re in your own space versus a gym or a class where you’ll likely feel more compelled to focus on your workout. And research tells us that our tech can actually keep us from getting the most out of our workout, with one study showing that texting during a workout can lower its intensity. See better results and make the most of the time you commit to fitness by avoiding the urge to stream your shows and reserving your phone only for workout apps and music.

    Make Your Home into Your Fitness Hub

    Working out from home doesn’t have to be any less rewarding than breaking a sweat at the gym when you put the time and effort into making the most of your at-home workout. With the right gear, a killer playlist and a space free of distractions, you can establish a regular workout regimen and reach your fitness goals all from the comfort of your own home.

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