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    8 Advice To Keep In Mind When Looking For Student Housing

    So, you are finally stepping your foot into an independent life! Congratulations! However, hold on, before you get there, have you picked the place you are going to be staying in?

    Not yet? Worried crazy? Don’t be! :

    In this article, we are going to help you figure out what exactly should you be looking for in your home. These are some great tips, which we wish someone had given us when we were moving out. However, you are just in time to have your house hunt sorted. So let’s begin:

    #1. Don’t rush :

    It might look like all the best options are either too expensive or too far away or sold out in a minute, however, there is plenty of room for everyone! Being patient in the search for the perfect home is important. Even if you find a perfect house available, do not just give in to it right away!

    Examine all the features of the rental. Make sure the house has basic amenities on top of everything. You would also need to confirm the authenticity of the landlord for your own good, and it is good if you can get some info on your roommates. For now, all you need to know is patience pays off, especially when you’re looking for a place to stay in! One can find such options on platforms such as Iglu.

    #2. Too many options confuse the tenant :

    Yes, we did just tell you to be patient! However, that does not mean that even though you have some perfectly fine properties at your disposal, you add few more to the list. Always remember that the more options you have, the more you delay the climax of your hunt. By the time you decide on one, that property may already be gone. So you need to find the perfect middle ground.

    All the properties that check the box of your basic criteria should be on the list. Then, without further ado, you should pick one of them. The one that fits in your budget and promises you the best features should be the one you pick. You may find a real estate broker who promises a better property or someone in town who said that you got a bad deal, but pay no heed! As long as you are convinced it is good it’s going to be good!

    #3. Ask locals :

    Yeah, we did just tell you that you don’t have to listen to everyone! However, it doesn’t hurt to hear them out once at least. After all, these people know the place better than you. They may have some inside info on the property or the landlord. You could always hear them out and get more information on the property. But hey, always ensure the decision you make is the one that fully strikes a chord with your reasoning! It is you who is going to be living there, and it is you who needs to be convinced about your decision!

    #4. Talk to the landlord :

    There may be a few properties, where the homeowner isn’t available. They would have hired a few managers to take care of the property or to handle the matters, in such a case. However, the rental terms depend greatly on the mindset of the landlord. Moreover, in case of emergencies, knowing the landlord well could help you out. So, before you sign the papers, just insist upon meeting the landlord in person.

    #5. University dorms are better :

    Yes, there are sold out way too soon! However, if you can get your hands on one, please do because they will save you a lot of money and you will constantly be close to your university, and you get a better chance at making new friends. Looking for an external housing option outside your educational institution should be secondary, and that too if you do not find a University accommodation.

    #6. What about the food? :

    If you are someone who likes to wear the chef hat pretty often, then you may be fine with an electric induction cooker or a rental property that comes with an elaborate kitchen accessible for the tenants. However, if you are not so deep into cooking, then you need to find a place that offers a lot of food options. Even having a lot of restaurants in your vicinity would not help because ultimately you will get bored of eating outside. So you may need to hire a maid or you may need to arrange for food at your institute. You need to figure this out before you move in!

    #7. You will be uncomfortable :

    Yes, there will be days when you would miss the amazing food mum makes and there would be nights when you would feel homesick! Everyone who moves out has felt it, and they may not admit it, but no matter how tough you are, a sudden transformation into this bachelor’s life is not really easy. So, in the beginning, you may need some time getting accustomed to sharing your space with other people, to develop a liking for the food and the other aspects a foreign land has to offer. However,

    #8. You will be fine :

    Most things in life get better if you give them time. This transition to your new life will ease itself if you just observed patiently! You would make new friends, you will get to know the new city better, you may even develop a liking for the new food. So, all you have to do is trust your hunch, and pick the place that you have a good gut feeling about and also, fits your requirements the most.

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