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    8 Kitchen Accessories That Every Home Cook Should Have

    Today, there are a lot of kitchen accessories that are featured in the market. They make cooking very easy and fast. Whether you are a total amateur or a professional, some kitchen tools make it enjoyable to be in the kitchen. There are different types of kitchen accessories out there. What you use depends on the tools that you wish to purchase or buy. You have the following to choose from:

    • Copper kitchen accessories
    • Silver kitchen accessories
    • Stainless steel kitchen accessories
    • Plastic kitchen accessories
    • Wood kitchen accessories

    Now that we know the make of the tools of we want, here are some that you should get for your kitchen:

    Kitchen Knives

    They sometimes come in a set, but you have no idea how to use some of them. They come in different sizes and shapes, and their use also varies depending on what type of food you are cutting.

    We have the boning knife for separating meat from the bone, a serrated knife for cutting large pieces of meat, a paring knife for small pieces of food, and the bread knife used to cut through bread. Knives are essential in the kitchen because they are important tools for the easy preparation of your ingredients.

    Mandoline Slicer

    Aside from having knives, you also need a  mandoline slicer. It is difficult to cut potatoes into french fries or chips using a knife. In most cases, you can also use a mandoline slicer for other vegetables. A mandoline slicer is a device that comes in handy for these instances.

    This is perfect for slicing fruits and vegetables in a short time. It is quick, saves time, and produces wonderful-looking shapes. There are some high-end products out there to give you variations in slices. Tools such as a good quality mandoline slicer are items that you should always have in your kitchen.

    Egg Yolk Separator

    This is a must-have in the kitchen if you wish to completely go all-white with your eggs. Gone are the days when you would use your hands to strain the yolk from the egg whites. Now, you can just squeeze the separator to completely separate the yellow part of the egg.

    Airtight Storage Containers

    These are probably the most useful kitchen accessory since they are often used to store some of our leftovers or certain ingredients that we wish to use for the next meal. There are containers out there that are airtight to keep it fresh and prevent the food from spilling.

    Some are even microwave-safe, so you can just pop it in the microwave immediately. Some containers have been elevated to a new level that gives you many options in storing your food. Sizes vary from small ones to store beans and sauces to bigger containers used for pasta and other bulky food.

    Fruit/Vegetable Juicer

    This is a tool for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. You can mix in some of these together while the device removes the pulp from the juice. This is already an old device since it has been around for a long time. But this tool has been upgraded over time depending on your needs.

    Coffee Grinder/Coffee Machine

    Nothing beats a cup of hot coffee early in the morning or on a rainy day. Owning one was a luxury before, but now we can get one at any time and for a cheaper value. Although you’d love to get one from your favorite coffee shop, it is better to grind some coffee beans of your own at home without having to spend so much for a cup.

    If you have the budget, you can buy a coffee machine that is the rage right nowadays because of the wonderful options in using them. It is created specifically for coffee lovers.

    Fruit/Vegetable Cleaning Brush

    We need to clean fruits and vegetables because of the pesticides and other chemicals that may have come along with them. You cannot just use these farm products without removing all of the harmful chemicals used to keep them looking healthy and fresh.

    A fruit and vegetable cleaning brush comes in handy to remove the wax and pesticides clinging onto your food. It is convenient and saves time.

    Stock Pot

    A stockpot is not only used for cooking stock, but it is also handy for cooking pasta, making porridge, and creating sauces. In other words, it is versatile and a perfect addition to your array of kitchen devices. The important thing, however, is to look for one that will withstand long cooking hours and is durable enough to last for years.


    There are a lot more devices out there that you can include in your collection. Some are already an item found in your kitchen for a long time, while others are completely new and foreign. The important thing here is you can work in the kitchen easily and fast.

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