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    8 Places in the US where CBD is No Longer Regulated

    About three years ago, only a handful of people knew a lot about CBD and the various beneficial products that come from it. However, this has drastically changed. Almost everyone now knows about CBD and wants a piece of this product.

    As a matter of fact, in 2018, a bill known as the Farm Bill legalized the use of CBD that comes from hemp and that comprises a maximum of 0.3% THC. This has dramatically changed people’s perception of CBD, and almost everyone now wants to use it.

    However, in the entire United States, there are some states where the use of this product is still illegal.

    What does federal law say about the use of CBD?

    The law recognizes two significant categories of Cannabis sativa. These are hemp and Marijuana. Marijuana is the most common type and contains high levels of THC of up to 30%, and meager amounts of CBD which is as little as below 0.2%. THC is the component that causes psychoactive effects.

    On the other hand, hemp contains higher levels of CBD (cannabidiol), which is known to contain medicinal properties. However, this type of Cannabis hadn’t been processed much or widely known until recently.

    In addition to legalizing CBD use, the Farm bill set some regulations for hemp farmers. The rules state that even if a CBD product comprises of the right and legal amounts of THC, it is still illegal unless a licensed farmer grew it.

    Although there are still some states in the US that have not legalized the use of CBD, a good number of them have. Multiple states are still in the process of updating their laws and are yet to allow the full use of CBD products.

    The  CBD and hemp business is booming in several places. Here are some of the places where the use of CBD oil is legalized and it is no longer regulated like Marijuana:

    #1. Michigan

    One of the states where CBD oil use is widely accepted is in Michigan. Michigan is one of the states in the US, where the use of CBD products is legal. The state of Michigan legalized the use of medical Marijuana back in 2008. However, the use of recreational Marijuana wasn’t approved until later in 2018.

    With the various new guidelines on CBD products use, it will make them much more accessible. These products are now available for the general public. For the people suffering from anxiety and pain, it is a great relief as they can easily gain access to the products without fearing that they may be illegal.

    Although up until late 2018 Marijuana and hemp were both considered illegal, the new developments in 2019 put all of this in the past. With the new guidelines from Michigan’s state licensing department, these two products will not be treated the same way.

    CBD products will not be facing the same regulations as Marijuana. As long as the concentration of THC is below 0.3%, it will not matter from which source the products are derived from. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil in Michigan, you can visit the numerous shops in this state and you’ll get just what you want. The CBD oil market in Michigan comprises of both experienced, and new but enthusiastic traders.

    With the most significant number of CBD product shops found in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan has embraced the use of this product in a big way. Therefore, you don’t have to go far before you spot an outlet for CBD products.

    Also, Michigan offers all sorts of CBD products, from liquids and powders to creams, accessories, and kratom caps, among many others. Therefore, no matter what you need, you can get the right product in Michigan.

    #2. South Carolina

    Here CBD is legal, although only for specific severe seizure disorders. In 2016, they tried to push for a law that would have expanded the use of CBD, but it failed to pass.

    #3. Texas

    In Texas, CBD products are legal. However, law enforcement officials demand that the product contain no traces of THC. If it does and it is found in your possession, it results in a felony charge.

    #4. Arizona

    This is one of the states where CBD is very popular. In this state, CBD is commonly used, with even some dispensaries stocking various CBD products publicly.

    #5. Arkansas

    Although Arkansas has strict marijuana laws, the use of CBD was made legal in 2017. Since the opening of the first CBD business 2018, the sector has continually expanded with more companies now in place.

    #6. Kansas

    In Kansas state, CBD has found its way in various bars and restaurants. However, the state law here still requires the CBD to contain zero amounts of THC, to be considered legal.

    Recently, lawmakers have been busy formulating legislations that would permit individuals with particular severe life-threatening conditions, to use CBD that contains THC.

    #7. Delaware

    Since 2014, the use of CBD products that are derived from hemp has been legal in Delaware. Also, the use of medical marijuana has been in use since the same period. However, the state still doesn’t allow the use of recreational Cannabis.

    #8. New York

    In New York, you can get CBD products almost anywhere. It is one of the states where CBD products are widely used. The governor has even been advocating for the legalization of marijuana use in the entire state.

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