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    A Few Things to Know About Hormone Therapy


    Most women do not have enough knowledge when it comes to hormone therapy. For a long time, people thought that hormone therapy protected the hearts of women, preventing cancer, and maintaining the strength of bones. The risks and benefits of hormone therapy depend on the age of the woman in question and the family history of cancer and heart diseases. You will learn some things about hormone therapy that your doctor might not have told you.

    #1. Hormone Therapy may help in Stabilizing your Moods

    According to women who have undergone Radiance Age Management hormone therapy, it helps them in dealing with mood swings and irritability. Some women use hormone therapy for PMS to be able to live in harmony with all people without getting angry over petty issues. Even if you have gone through menopause, hormone therapy is advisable and can be helpful.

    #2. Bioidentical Hormones may not be a Good Option; they may be Worse

    Most people believe that hormone preparations known as bioidentical hormones are natural and safer than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) versions of hormones. Unfortunately, that is not true. There is no hormone used by women that can be harvested. Instead, they have to pass through laboratories and processed by multiple chemicals to be fit for human consumption. If you want to be free from cancer during menopause, stay away from bioidenticals.

    #3. In most cases, the Safety of Compounded Hormone Drugs is not FDA-tested

    Custom-compounded formulations of hormones lack FDA regulations, and their quality and effectiveness are not tested. The problem is that the custom-compounded drugs could contain a higher or lower amount of the hormone what the woman needs. Additionally, the drugs may include ingredients that may compromise the safety of the woman. Another problem with compounded drugs is that they keep on changing from one pharmacist to another, unlike the usual prescription drugs.

    #4. You do not need to take Saliva and Blood Tests to Check your Hormone Levels before beginning Hormone Therapy

    Before prescribing hormone therapy, a doctor should only test your thyroid function. In most cases, thyroid problems mimic symptoms of menopause. Additionally, to test whether or not a woman’s ovary is functioning, doctors test for levels of follicle-stimulating hormone. Therefore, testing saliva is useless according to most doctors.

    #5. Once you undergo Hormone Therapy, you need to visit your Doctor Every Year

    When it comes to hormone therapy risks, timing is crucial. According to most patients, taking hormone therapy causes cancer, heart diseases, and stroke, but that is not the case. Some studies released in March 2015 showed that there was a reduced risk of heart disease among women who are under 60 years and have undergone hormone therapy. However, older women tend to suffer from strokes after undergoing hormone therapy. The risks and benefits of hormone therapy change as the woman grows older. For women who undertake hormone therapy for PMS, you need to visit your doctor regularly for general checkups and advise.

    #6. Depending on your Symptoms and Needs, Hormone Therapy can be tailored to Favor your Condition

    Radiance Age Management hormone treatment is done in different ways. In systemic estrogen, the hormone is applied to the whole body. They can be taken through pills, gels, or sprays. To deliver low-dose estrogen to the vagina, you can use creams or tablets.


    In a woman’s life, menopause is a normal occurrence, just like puberty. Therefore, it should not be ignored and taken for granted. The problem is that most women who undertake hormone therapy don’t understand what it is all about and how their bodies react to some types of medication. As a result, they end up getting major diseases. For you to avoid such a situation, this article has some useful information about hormone therapy that may help you if you are thinking about starting the procedure.

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