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    Aftercare Tips for Brand New Japanese Style Tattoos

    Nowadays, tattoos of all shapes, sizes, and designs can be seen on a wide variety of individuals. Getting a tat can be quite a process. Not only should you really consider what design you’d like to permanently engrave into your skin, you also have figure out where you want it.

    Finding a tattoo artist that comes highly recommended, is experienced, and has a great skill are also a difficult feat. Check out this website for an example of what a great tattoo artist profile should look like:

    Subsequently, if you want your tattoo to be as gorgeous as the day you got it, you have to spend some quality time giving it TLC after the ink-jection. For anyone who has asked for a tattoo quote will know, tattoos don’t come cheap. It’s a beauty investment that needs proper care.

    To help you keep your tat in good condition follow these tips:

    #1. Listen to the Artist

    The person who probably knows the most about tattoo aftercare, will be your tattoo artist themselves. They’ve seen many horror stories and experienced loads of client scenarios. Even though advice will differ from artist to studio, it’s important that you listen to their guidelines.

    Most ink studios will give you a printed leaflet with aftercare advice and even have some ointments available at their shops. Pay the extra few bucks for that ointment!

    #2. Leave the Cover

    The first thing you want to do when you walk out of the tattoo studio is to rip of the clingfilm and show your new art to the world. Avoid the temptation and go eat a burger instead. Leave the cover on for at least 5 hours before even thinking of removing it.

    Removing it to early will bear the risk of your newly inked skin rubbing against hard surfaces and damaging the design.

    #3. Wash Gently

    For the first few days, make sure that you wash your tattoo gently with unscented and extremely mild soaps. Don’t rub the skin over your tattoo with a loofah or hard sponge, rather use your hands.

    #4. Lotion and Moisturizer

    You’ve put your skin through a lot of pain by letting someone pinch ink under it with a needle. So, you have to look after it like you would a small scratch or wound. After you’ve gently washed it, you can apply a very thin layer of unscented lotion. A lotion similar to a nappy rash cream or Vaseline is adequate.

    Repeat the gentle wash and moisturizing 4-5 times each day until the tattoo has completely healed.

    #5. Don’t Soak it Up

    A little bit of sunshine is great when you want to bake in the sun. However, it’s not wise to expose your new tat to direct sunlight. Use a high SPF cream or cover your tattoo with fabric if you have to spend some time in the sun.

    Exposing colorful tattoos to sunlight will let the color fade.

    This applies to soaking in warm water too. It’s important that you keep your tattoo dry at all times. Avoid laying in a warm bath for hours.

    Try to always cover it up with a bandage, clingfilm, or plaster to protect it from sun and water damage.

    #6. Don’t Scratch!

    This part can’t be stressed enough. Even though it’s extremely tempting, don’t scratch at the scabs your tattoo will be making. Ink might be caught up in dried blood and when scratched it can damage your design.

    #7. Touch Ups

    Most tattoo studios give free touch ups for minor glitches. Give your tattoo about 6 weeks to heal. If there are any scarring or negative space within lines, go back to your artist for a few touch ups.

    Color tattoos can be brightened up after a few months. When the color fades after some time, bring back new life by visiting the same artist again. Click here to witness some excellent tattoo before and after transformations.

    In addition, you should be patient throughout this process. You are going to have your tattoo for many years to come. Give it time to heal and settle inside your skin before showing it off to the world.

    Aftercare is a vital part of making sure your tat retains its wondrous colors and luminous. If you want your print to look gorgeous for a few years to come, apply the above tips and you won’t have anything to regret.

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