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    Are Online Biology Courses Legit?

    Biology is defined as the study of living organisms. When you take up the course, expect to learn different branches of science, such as physiology, zoology, genetics, ecology, and paleontology.

    There are countless schools all over the country offering the course. However, you can also take online biology courses, which are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the median pay for a marine biologist and a zoologist in 2018 was $63,000. It translates to more than $30 per hour.

    Unlike with other fields, employers are more understanding if you have no previous experience. You are likely to land a job even after having just graduated.

    According to data, there were 2.6 million biology graduates in the workforce in 2016. That year, more than 150,000 graduated from biology courses. They spent an average of $8000 each year on public tuition when they stayed in the same state. When they went to a private school out of state, their expenses skyrocketed to as much as $150,000.

    What will you learn from online biology courses?

    Although different online programs offer varied course outlines, you will learn key concepts about science. You will learn from certified instructors through a series of video lessons. They are animated, so they are easy to understand. Meanwhile, you will see scientists in action where they conduct experiments in real laboratories.

    Here are some of the topics the online biology courses will cover:

    Basics : Here, you will learn about what biology is, the chemistry of life, and scientific methods and inquiry, inductive and deductive reasoning. You will also learn about proteins, rDNA, and DNA.

    Cell Processes : You will study the functions and structure of the cell, cellular transport and membranes, photosynthesis, and respiration.

    Genetics : You will learn about theories in classic and modern genetics and also study the functions and structure of the DNA, as well as gene expression. You will also study biotechnology. In recent years, genetic engineering has been responsible for many advances in human civilization. At its core, genetic engineering aims to alter the DNA to come up with desirable traits. Lastly, you will learn about the different virus strains.

    Human Biology : You will study anatomy, the skeletal and muscular systems, the nervous system, endocrine, and pulmonary systems. You will also learn about human reproduction, excretory, and circulatory functions. You will study the immune system and the sensory system.

    Ecology : The course outline will cover topics, such as population, different ecosystems, conservation, biodiversity, and behavior of organisms. For instance, you will study the migration patterns of animals, how they communicate, and how they mate. These are essential behaviors for the continuity of the species.

    Evolution : You will study specification and diversity, natural selection, and evolutionary history.

    Are they legit?

    Biology is one of those courses that you can take online. The programs are as effective compared to courses offered by traditional schools.

    The answer is you can get employment after completing an online biology program. So, the certificate is every bit as legitimate.

    The coursework is general in nature, which gives you the flexibility to pursue a specialization later on. For example, you can work in the field of agriculture, research, zoology, environmental science, among others.

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