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    The Best Non-Surgical Methods for Nose Augmentation

    For people wanting to beautify their nose and get a more desirable look, there are a few options that do not involve a surgical procedure. Nose augmentation is very popular among Asian men and women, and it is a great way to create more definition in the nose.

    Some people may prefer a nose with a higher bridge, which creates a more distinct, defined profile. They may also want a rounded tip, and nose augmentation can do that for them.

    Non-surgical methods of nose augmentation are very popular right now because of their minimal downtime, quick recovery rate, low cost and mostly painless methods. We’re going to compare two kinds of modern methods for non-surgical nose augmentation- nose thread lift and nose filler.

    What You Should Know about Nose Thread Lift

    Like we said, neither of these methods require surgery. So, when we compare them, you should be aware that the recovery time is very short. Most people can go right back to work or back to their regular duties following the procedure.

    You can learn about nose thread lift with Dr. Wan, but we will cover some of the basics here for you. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are used in the nose thread surgery, and these are compatible with the processes and components of the body. They will not be rejected by your body and should not cause any severe side effects if inserted properly.

    The threads can be placed in about an hour, and the doctor will insert the threads along the nose bridge and the septum after administering anesthetic. These threads boost collagen formation and elevate the tip and bridge of the nose. By stimulating collagen, the thread will ensure a sustainable definition that should not need to be repeated regularly.

    The number of threads that will need to be used will vary based on the individual. Your doctor will determine how many threads are needed during the initial consultation.

    How quickly will you see results? They will be immediately apparent, so you can tell right away how well the procedure worked.

    What to Know about Nose Fillers

    A nose filler is an injection, using Hyaluronic Acid. This volumizes the nose, adding definition where the nose may be too round or undefined. The fillers are typically injected into the tip and bridge of the nose.

    Nose fillers have the potential to be a bit risky if you go with an inexperienced injector. If your doctor is not fully qualified or has minimal experience, then you could be in danger of experiencing side effects like nasal necrosis, blindness, and a spreading of the fillers.

    How These Two Methods Compare

    With the nose thread procedure, your risks are much lower than they would be with a nose filler. The biggest risk with the nose thread method is that the threads will drift slightly, causing an unwanted appearance. Nose threads can also create minimal swelling and soreness, but that goes away in just a few days.

    There are specific instances where a doctor may recommend one method or the other. Nose threads will typically be recommended if you have an off center nose or an ill-defined bridge. If the nose is wide or has a poor tip angle, then a nose thread is a good idea as well.

    Nose fillers are recommended for people who have an ill-defined tip of their nose or a flat nose bridge.

    Both methods are considered to be very safe when administered by an experienced professional. Both methods help to lift the nose tip and define the nose, but they have their strengths and weaknesses. They can help you achieve a more desirable, defined nose bridge and can contour your nose in different ways to achieve the desired result.

    Be sure to talk to your specialist about your options and how different methods might be beneficial to you. You can talk about costs as well, and your specialist should be able to find a plan that works with your budget and that is affordable for you while giving you the kind of results that you want. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching any specialist you are considering, to ensure that they are experienced and well respected.

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