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    Boating Under The Influence (BUI) In Jacksonville

    When you have been charged with boating under the influence, you need help from a lawyer who understands these charges and how to navigate the justice system. The majority of people accused of a BUI get caught up in a legal case that they cannot manage. This is why you should not try to represent yourself when you go to court. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have called a lawyer and followed the advice below.

    Hire A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

    You can hire a firm like Lockett Law as soon as you need legal advice. You should not try to handle the case on your own, and you should let the lawyer guide you in what to do. The lawyer can help you protect your rates, and will attend all your court dates. Once you have hired a lawyer, you can begin to navigate the case so that you can finish the case as fast as possible.

    Ask The Lawyer What Your Options Are

    The lawyer will let you know if you can plead your case to something that is very minor, so that the consequences include only community service or even a defensive driving course/boating education course. You should make sure that you have asked your lawyer how little you can do to close the case, and you must also ask if the lawyer can help you keep your boating license. You need to make sure that you have worked out a deal that you are comfortable with. If you think that you are not guilty, you need to talk to the lawyer about litigating your case.

    How Do You Prove Your Innocence?

    You need to let your lawyer know if you truly believe that you are innocent. Your lawyer can challenge how the police officer stopped you, and you can even challenge how you were found to be under the influence. You could prove that you did not drink that night, or you could prove that you tested positive because you were using a cough medicine or something else that would skew normal results. Plus, your lawyer may find that your rights were violated when the police were arresting you.

    How Long Does This Process Take?

    The process of handling your BUI case requires a large amount of time to play out. You should ask your lawyer what will happen when you go through different parts of the case, and they will explain to you what they think your best options are. You could ask the lawyer if they think you can close the case in one hearing, or you could ask them to aggressively pursue your innocence because you know you are innocent.


    The best thing that you can do is work with a lawyer who will help you prove your innocence or close your BUI case quickly. You need to do something that will help you move on with your life after your arrest and the subsequent legal case.

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