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    Bringing More Class to Your Look

    Everyone can agree it’s worth taking a bit of time getting ready in the morning to make yourself look and feel put together, but what if your current wardrobe doesn’t reflect the level of sophistication you want? The good news is that you don’t have to completely overhaul your entire closet to add more style to your current selection of clothing. With a few staple pieces and some key accessories, you can upgrade your look and add some flair to make your style classier.

    Choose high quality over fast fashion

    It’s tempting to shop at cheaper retailers that offer fast-fashion styles because it becomes affordable to keep up with all the trends. Plus, shopping for new clothes is always fun and gives you a bit of a mood boost (retail therapy is real!), and fast-fashion retailers make it easy to do so. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your look, you’ll want to ditch the quickly made garments and choose pieces that are crafted with higher quality in mind.

    Think quality over quantity as well. If you choose a few timeless staple pieces, you can slowly build a stylish capsule wardrobe over time that will withstand the trials of every trend fashion trend and leave you fashionably standing on top.

    Another reason to choose good quality clothing is that it will last you years rather than weeks. There’s nothing more frustrating than wearing your new piece, washing it once, and realizing it’s already worn out. Classy fashion looks are clean and polished, not worn and frayed or pilling.

    Learn to accessorize

    Your accessories can make or break your entire outfit. Especially when you’re wearing wardrobe staples, like a white blouse and pants or a little black dress, you can alter the look dramatically with the right accessories. Jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, belts, or shoes – whichever you want to focus on, make sure you’re investing in the right pieces. Again, think quality over quantity. Pick timeless pieces that you can style with multiple outfits, and think minimalism over bold and brash.

    Get the kids involved too

    If you’ve got kids, then you know whatever you do, your kids want to imitate. If you’re getting dressed up, your kids want to copy you and get dressed up too. When it’s time to shop for yourself, why not bring the kids along and let them pick out a piece or two for their wardrobe as well?

    Guide them to stylish and timeless pieces they can wear again and again – until they outgrow them, that is! One good garment to invest in is a jacket, especially with back to school season on the horizon. Gloverall has the perfect children’s duffle coat to complete a classic and classy look that will keep them warm throughout the fall and winter seasons.

    You could also let them pick out a two-piece formal outfit that they can mix and match to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. For girls, a matching jacket and skirt or pants combo is adorable and chic, and for boys, a button-up shirt and tailored pants is charmingly sweet.

    Dressing yourself and your kids with a focus on class and style is a great way to bond over your clothing, as well as make yourselves feel put together and confident.

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