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    Buy Watches According to These Popular Trends

    Our purchasing decisions are always influenced by some personal factors such as budget and biases. At some point, our buying behaviors are supported by a reasoning about what makes sense and also what conforms to our best interest as the buyer.

    People would most often purchase stuff because it’s a basic need. However, people would always pay for something that is actually popular and fashionable!

    For example, watches that may suit one person may not certainly be equally desirable for someone else. This is why trends in watches are set—to establish criteria for the rest to follow.

    The Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

    While our list is absolutely, not averagely, painstaking, it is a great place to decide on your new watch for 2021. Combined, you’ll be interested in the limited pieces or perhaps plenty of them, if you have the budget.

    Now, we’re rounding up all of the latest in watches, starting from details in straps and dials to the intricacy of gem arrangement. Read on and pick your style for your next purchase.

    #1. Smaller Case Sizes

    The size of the watch is more than a fad. The right size will offer some advantages you’ll never think you’ll need.

    Nowadays, watches ranging from 40 to 42 mm in size are the typical types. Well, if you’re looking for a dive or chronograph watch, except that it will be a few millimeters bigger than the traditional ones.

    Of course, you can choose a watch in whatever size you want but it’s advisable to get one that is small and sleek. Embracing watches in small sizes would definitely give you comfort because you’ll feel like there’s no weight in your wrist.

    Hefty watches tend to have big spaces on the case and dial to fill with details. The empty spaces will most likely be filled with huddled designs just to serve the gaps. Small watches, on the other hand, will look more refined than the larger ones.

    #2. Back to Vintage

    Absolutely, there will be repercussions of the pandemic in the watch industry. Some may have manifested already including the surge of prices and an increased number of limited-edition models.

    Still, the watch market under the “vintage” category remained consistent under these unfavorable circumstances. The vintage classes are considered as financial investments that everyone should commit to this year.

    While the trends in the marketplace are continuously evolving, the vintage classes will more likely thrive even after the pandemic. While a retro revival is expected to resurrect, you have to look into esteemed brands such as Omega, Breitling, and Patek Philippe for some authentic retro appeal.

    Some old-school designs will ascend too. Watches with Arabic numerals and retro fonts naturally give off a vintage appeal so it’ll be a hit in the market. See how a watch fits to your personal preference of style and wear it to complement your garments occasionally or even daily.

    #3. Vibrant Colors

    Colors make something youthful and athletic and a colorful timepiece will help you brighten up your personality as the wearer. While others think that a watch with muted colors will linger longer in the trends list, bright and striking colors may change such presumption.

    Positivity and happiness are projected in colors. A good combination of colors exudes an optimistic look. This is how good it is to invest in colorful watches under revered brands.

    Gradient dials are the biggest trend this year. Gold watches are never out of style too and you can consider solid gold watches as a timeless trend.

    #4. Precious Metal Versions

    Obviously, high-end stainless steel watches have been dominating the market. There’s no doubt it prospered because of it’s low prices.

    Currently, many prefer precious metals like bronze, silver, and gold lodged in lavish watches. Upgrades like custom diamond watches are one great way to increase an already high-priced worth to another level of the structure’s fineness.

    Now, it’s really about time to switch into precious metal stones. The market grows bored of steel and precious metal stones are about to resurge. Luxury watches are fond of intricate precious metal designs to reflect durability and unequaled aesthetic appeal.

    Bimetals are also going to rise this year. With a corporate-office vibe, you can deliver a competent identity through your timepiece.

    #5. The Limited Editions

    The marketplace is crammed with products in limited editions. For watches, many are urged to purchase a model tagged as “limited edition” because of the distinctive character of the product. It could be notable as color iteration or some minimal differences in designs.

    In some cases, there is no defined specific volume of the models for these watches in limited editions but the numbers are announced most of the time.

    Watches under 500 produced pieces are easily sold because most buyers are fond of exclusivity. You’ll feel partly superior for having a watch that’s not owned by anyone in your social circle.

    #6. High Water Resistance

    We all come in contact with any water surface daily—we wash our hands daily especially that we are required to frequently do it amid the pandemic. When you engage in sports, watches with high water resistance is the best option you should consider.

    This timekeeping technology is something you shouldn’t miss. There are many luxurious brands that offer gapless constructions of watches. When you feel like hopping into the bathtub or submerging into the pool, you don’t have to remove that watch that you love.


    Newcomers in the watch market will most likely struggle due to the extensive choices. Instead of being troubled, take advantage of the fashion dilemma and seek for trends that suit your personal style and character.

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