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    The Do’s and Dont’s of Buying a Holiday Gift for your Colleague

    Are you wondering whether you should get your colleague a holiday gift? And how much you should spend if you decide to do it? You are not required to buy your coworker a gift, but it’s a nice gesture and should be done more often, not just during holidays. Usually, gift shopping for a coworker means candles and desk toys, but it doesn’t have to be so. These guidelines will show you how to shop for your coworker.c

    #1. Decide Who You Should Gift

    You can’t gift everyone in your company, but you can get something for people in your department or those you interact with often. Research if your company has any policies on gifting. Are there unwritten rules such as exchanging wine and books? Are there rules around gifting your juniors and subordinate staff? Don’t be caught off guard because you didn’t know the silent rules.

    #2. Get a Thoughtful Gift

    Most office gifts will revolve around food and office toys, but yours doesn’t have to be. Spend a little time chatting with your colleagues and listen carefully for hits on items they wish for but don’t have, loved but lost, and things they plan to buy in the future. If you plan on buying a couple of guy friends a gift, then purchase gifts at groomsshop. Although you are not shopping for groomsmen, you will find a variety of items that are not only out of the box but also thoughtful for your colleagues.

    For instance, get your group classy cufflinks, coolers, or duffel bags if they are involved in a lot of travel. Write the person’s name or initials on the group to make the gift personal. You will even get monogram mahogany personalized humidor for your boss as a sign of sophistication and class.

    #3. Don’t make it too Personal

    We get it. Ronald from accounting needs to trim his nose hair, but getting him a nose-hair trimmer will be offensive and rude. A gift that’s too personal will make the person uncomfortable and may even make them feel embarrassed. Questioning your choice of gift is the first indicator the gift is probably too personal. Instead, go neutral and play it safe.

    #4. Don’t Overspend

    Office gifts, especially when the whole office is involved, can quickly turn into a competition. Sometimes, the holiday spirit takes over, and you end up hurting your pocket. This mostly happens when you are getting something for your boss. An extravagant gift makes it seem like you are sucking up to your superiors, so avoid it. Instead, look at your finances and have a price range of how much you are willing to spend, so you shop without going overboard. An extravagant gift can make someone feel uncomfortable, just like an overly personal gift.

    Workplace gifts are not mandatory, but many people consider them a tradition, especially during the holiday. Don’t be sucked in the pressure of spending more than you can afford, but don’t be cheap or the office grinch either. Balance the two and use these do’s and don’ts to buy thoughtful gifts.

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