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    Car Products from the Brand You Can Trust

    Car and Driver has told car enthusiasts “how it is” since 1955. While it is well-known that the publication provides trustworthy news and reviews, it is lesser known that they also develop quality, reliable automotive accessories to upgrade cars. With Car and Driver accessories onboard, drivers of older cars can achieve the sensation of pulling out of the car dealership for the first time again.

    The brand has released many products in the past including FM transmitters, car chargers and dash cams. Two of the newest products from Car and Driver are the Intellidash+ and Copilot. These high-tech accessories revitalize well-loved cars whose on-board features have fallen out of date.

    The Intellidash+ enables CarPlay and Android Auto, on any vehicle, regardless if it’s a family sedan from the early 2000’s or a classic hot rod from the 1930’s. It’s touch-enabled dashboard display pairs with any smartphone to provide easy access to auto apps, such as music, maps and Bluetooth hands-free calling.


    Intellidash+ ($250)

    • Innovative solution for smartphone/car integration
    • Supports CarPlay/Android Auto/Carlife
    • Superior voice control (Hi Siri, Hi Google)
    • 32GB micro SD Card, Supports audio/video play
    • Resolution 800 x 400; Built-in Bluetooth

    The Copilot is an active safety system that keeps drivers safe from accidents caused by drowsy driving. Copilot features a driver-monitoring camera that tracks eye movement and fatigue and emits an alert sound if it senses the driver is drifting out of focus.


    Copilot ($200)

    • Fatigue monitor that corrects unsafe driving behavior
    • Eye monitoring system that identifies when you take your eyes off the road
    • Infrared LEDs, providing stable and safe working at night
    • Audio and voice alarms when it detects dangerous behavior

    The Takeaway

    Whether you opted for the basic car package at the dealership or simply want a tech refresh in your older vehicle, Car and driver products are worth checking out. From charging your phone, to syncing with Bluetooth to staying safe on the road, the portfolio is designed to amp up your car tech.

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