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    Catamaran Santorini – The Best Way to see Beautiful Landscapes!

    A lot of tourists who want to spend their vacations in Crete, dream about a trip with catamaran Santorini – the most beautiful Greek island and one of the most famous places in Europe.

    Why are you visiting Santorini? Why do you choose catamaran Santorini?

    Especially for sunsets! For this reason, the best solution is to go on a catamaran Santorini.

    Catamaran Santorini are flowing mainly from Heraklion, which is also the main port of the island. The sea station is located near the bus, 500 meters north of the center. A dozen or so cruises in the middle of the summer are also from Sitia in the east of the island.

    Most importantly – we always have a choice of traditional ferries that swim for a long time (about 5 hours) long or short, and fast catamaran Santorini (about 2 hours). Of course, prices are the opposite. Catamaran Santorini is more expensive and traditional ferries are cheaper.

    From Heraklion to Santorini, we can get fast, small catamarans, eg Hellenic Seaways (Flyingcat 4 without cabins and car transport, from 15 June to 9 September departs from the port every day). We will pay approximately € 48.50 for an economy class, and € 57.50 for a business class, of course, per person and one way.

    The Catamaran Santorini flows out of Heraklion at 09:45 and returns at 19:25. The ticket can be booked on the carrier & website or bought at the sea station located a few hundred meters east of the docks.

    The cash desk is open daily from 8.30. There you can also buy a return ticket – even for a different route with catamaran Santorini.

    If you have a big luggage with you, Hellenic Seaways and TeraJet offers you a luggage storage. Please remember not to leave valuables there!

    Catamarans from Sitia are flowing twice a week. On Wednesday at 4.45 and Saturday at 14.45. They come back on other days.

    After descending the catamaran Santorini you can take some of nearby buses and taxis. It means you will easily get to your destination!

    What are the advantages waiting for you on a catamaran Santorini trip?

    • Sail with catamaran Santorini around the Aegean Sea along the coast of Santorini,
    • Choose a morning cruise with catamaran Santorini or sunset cruise around the caldera,·
    • Swim and snorkel at Red and White Beach, stop at Hot Springs and drift around the volcano,
    • Take one-day trip with catamaran Santorini,
    • Feast on grilled dishes, wine, water and other cooling drinks,
    • Take your car with you and avoid having to rent it,
    • Choose between business and economic class,
    • Make a reservation for a place to sit,
    • Choose the fastest way to your adventure – come on a board of the catamaran Santorini!

    Before the decision to sail aboard the catamaran Santorini, remember to check whether your shipowner transports motor vehicles. If you only have a limited time in the Greek islands, cathamaran Santorini is for you!

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