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    Reasons to Choose a Villa over a Hotel when on Holiday

    A lot of people when planning a holiday will go down the easy route and simply go online to book their hotels, flights etc at once and have everything set to go. There are of course benefits for this in terms of convenience – but have you considered choosing a villa for your next break? Here we lost some of the advantages of this and how it could potentially be the best option for your next trip.

    It can Cater to Larger Parties

    If you are going with a group of people, or you have a large family – you may end up at separate ends of a hotel and constantly look out for each other which can be a bit of a pain if the idea is to spend time with one another. At a villa – you will all be in the same location, so will have much more of a family feel. Nobody needs to be split up and you can have a relaxing experience all together as planned.  If you do want some space from one another, villas are usually large enough to accommodate this.

    There are No Restrictions

    When you are at a hotel – there will always be some restrictions in place. It could be simple things like the pool opens or closes at certain times or depending on the board option that you have chosen – you can only eat at certain times without incurring additional charges. One way or another – you will find that there are often restrictions that could hinder your stay and be a bit of an annoyance for you. When you are at a villa, you don’t need to worry about such things. You can do what you want when you want.  There is no timetable to follow which means you can make up your own rules.

    It can be more Cost-Effective

    If you are going with a large group of people you can share the cost of the villa with them. That tends to be more cost-effective than each paying individual hotel rates for separate rooms. You are also likely to save more money when it comes to food and drinks. The reality is – you will most likely be tempted to eat at restaurants and bars at the resort. Whereas if you have your own villa – you can cook if you choose whenever you like.  You also might want to bring some essentials with you too that you could use at the villa.   There are fantastic luxury villas in Crete where you can enjoy a good deal as a popular holiday destination. You can find options here. There will no doubt be a good supermarket near where you are staying, which means that you don’t have to spend a fortune.

    You don’t have to Share the Facilities

    We have all been on a holiday where we have been annoyed if there aren’t any sun loungers available, or if you can’t find one on a good spot because they are already taken. Even though it sounds like a minor issue, it can actually put a bit of a dampener on your holiday – especially if it’s something you are experiencing every day. You don’t need to worry about this when you have your own private space- everything is at your disposal. The only people you have to worry about sharing with is the people you are with, and hopefully you have selected some considerate roommates!

    There are More Facilities in General

    As villas tend to be more homely than hotels – there is usually a lot more facilities that you can make use of. This could include cooking appliances, extra bathrooms, technological gadgets that you might not find at a hotel. It’s unlikely that there will be any restrictions put on those either. Depending on the villa – sometimes you will even find there are things like DVDs or books for you to enjoy too which is a nice personal touch.

    You can get Great Deals

    Although villas are luxurious these days – you can get fantastic deals if you go to the right places, so you can get the perfect space for you without having to spend a fortune. Especially if you aren’t going on peak season when things can get on the expensive side of things if you are booking a resort style holiday. Make sure you book your holiday well in advance for best dates, and research the flights for times and costs before committing to any form dated with whoever you are making the villa booking with. Simple things like flying out a day or 2 before you had planned – can actually make a significant difference when it comes to the cost. Research this well before you finalize your plans.

    You can Rest Assured it’s Taken Care of

    The beauty of renting a villa is that sometimes it’s actually peoples 2nd home. This means they will take great care when it comes to looking after it as they will literally treat it as their own. They will keep it up to an impeccable standard just as they would like their own home to be. Alternatively, if you use a professional villa company – they are experts in ensuring you have an enjoyable experience at their accommodation. You are also more likely to get a more personalized experience than you would perhaps at a hotel.

    There are usually Testimonials or Reviews

    You can usually get a good idea of what other people have experienced there on 3rd party site reviews. They will often leave comments on how clean it is, what they have to offer – and the overall service. This will give you a bit of reassurance that you have chosen the right place for your holiday.

    If you are undecided over where you should choose a hotel or villa for your next trip – hopefully this will have made the decision a little easier for you. There are so many advantages to staying at a villa that sometimes don’t cross people’s minds – that could make this the best option.

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