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    4 Tips for Choosing the Best CBD and Hemp Products

    Today, hundreds of thousands of cannabis products line up the store shelves. Since the U.S. legalized the medical use of cannabis in more than half of its states, the market of cannabis products is booming.

    CBD, which is a short form for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in various strains of the cannabis plant. CBD has numerous uses and health benefits. Therefore, the demand for these products is ever-growing.

    It’s good to note that everyone reacts to different CBD products differently. Therefore, selecting the best quality products is vital.

    Here are four crucial factors to consider before you choose the best CBD and Hemp products:

    #1. Taste, form and delivery method

    CBD and hemp products can be taken in several ways, and their flavor is also different. Some of the common ways of taking CBD products include edibles, capsules, body oils, tinctures, vape oils, and balms, among others.

    If you enjoy the taste, then flavored CBD edibles are excellent options. CBD gummies are just some of them and the best part about it all is that the best CBD gummies have a delicious taste and won’t get you high. You can slip a few of these gummies in your purse, backpack, or office desk and take them whenever you need a CBD dose.

    Tinctures are applied orally but they can also be used in food and beverages. Small doses of tinctures can suffice and go a long way. Ensure that you put the right dosage in your food. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can always consult a physician.

    Vape oils are used with vaporizers that use a heating component that in turn converts the CBD oil into vapor. Several vape oils can be taken orally as well, but inhaling them has faster effects than oral doses.

    Unlike vape oils and tinctures, CBD topicals are applied to the body directly. The topicals come in handy when you are managing an inflammation or pain.

    Capsules are widely used, even more than other forms. They are tasteless and odorless. Taking capsules is compared to taking vitamin pills. You can just swallow your capsules with a glass of water.

    #2. Levels of THC Concentration

    Knowing the levels of THC in your product is important. THC, which is an acidic compound found in the cannabis plants, causes psychoactive effects.

    Therefore, taking high levels of THC can cause excessive psychotropic effects. You must check the levels of THC in the product to avoid the high that comes with THC.

    All CBD products should have a label indicating the levels of THC in the product. Before you purchase the product, make sure that the THC levels are not beyond 0.3%. You must also make sure that the THC levels are well within the boundaries of the law in the country that you live in.

    Research shows that some products are more effective if they combine with at least small amounts of THC. THC levels of 0.3% may be combined with other hemp compounds to improve the therapeutic effect of the product. Therefore, you must consider hemp products with a little THC enough to help you and not to get you high.

    To find CBD products with over 0.3% THC, you will have to be in a marijuana-legalized state. Also, you must talk to a pharmacist, and the products should be from a state-licensed dispensary. Some people react more severely to THC than others. Therefore, you must choose the right product for better results.

    #3. Find its country of origin

    A lot of CBD oils are derived from Cannabis Sativa, which is either marijuana or hemp. Hemp is a natural hyperaccumulator which means that it can absorb everything from the ground when growing. This can be both bad and good. Finding where the hemp originates and how it’s grown is vital if you want quality products.

    A significant number of the CBD products being sold in the U.S. are from Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky. Among these sources, Colorado is one of the best in growing hemp plants. It has a sturdy hemp state program that does spot-tests of the hemp plants while the plants are still in the field. The tests include checking the THC levels and investigating the potential use of illegal pesticides based on complaints received.

    Some products are made with hemp exported from overseas countries. However, hemp from some regions does not undergo any federal or state testing. Therefore it is not advisable to buy it. Always check the labels of the CBD products from hemp to know their origin.

    Some manufacturers do not have a label on their products with the required information. But you can ask the staff in the dispensary you’re buying from to give you that information.

    If you are buying online, consider checking whether the website has written that information or contact the seller directly to ask.

    #4. Check CBD concentration and Dosage

    Knowing the levels of CBD concentration in each bottle is also crucial when setting the buying criterion. Consider the products that label the levels of CBD concentration which are usually expressed in milligrams (mg).

    These levels vary considerably depending on the form of the product. Experts recommend that you start with those products that have lower doses. For example, when it comes to tinctures, you can consider a product with as little as 10 mg per dose.

    Always take care when dealing with products that list the amount of the total “cannabinoids” the product contains only and not the specific levels of CBD concentration. Those cannabinoids could be representing the levels of both CBD and THC among other compounds. You can always ask a physician if you’re not sure about the labeling.

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