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    What are the best clothes to wear during summer?

    During summer, the weather is hot and humid and you want to stay away from heavy clothes if you can. Summer heat is unbearable and all you want to do is stay home in comfy clothes and drink ice water. The hot sun can cause sweating, dehydration, sunburn and heat rush. Culture requires you to dress respectfully so you can’t wear short or revealing clothes. You should choose clothes that are respectable but will keep you cool and comfortable in this weather.

    You should consider the material of before picking a summer outfit. The fabric you choose could make a big difference in the hot summer sun. These are some of the materials you can choose for your outfits;


    Cotton fabrics are the best to wear in the scorching heat. Cotton clothes absorb sweat and moisture from your body and evaporate it into the air. They keep the moisture away from your body and allow circulation of air, keeping you cool. Synthetic fibres are not absorbent. They retain moisture in your body creating a dirty and smelly environment.

    Silk blends

    Silk blends are light and soft. They are made by fussing silk with other natural fabrics. Silk cotton, silk bamboo, and silk viscose are some common silk blends.  Unlike pure silk, silk bends do not stick to the body. The light weight in silk blends keeps you naturally cool.

    Khadi clothes

    Khadi clothes are made of hand spun cotton. Although khadi is heavier than conventional cotton, it works ten times better. You can choose clothes made from khadi if your job is field related.


    Linen is the lightest fabric used to make clothes. It is comfortable and can absorb moisture easily. Linen allows airflow and reflects heat from the sun away from your body.

    Sheer fabric

    Use clothes made with sheer fabrics as cover-ups. Sheer is slightly see-through and can be used on top of revealing outfits in place of jackets during the hot summer.

    Here is a collection of clothes you can get to keep you cool during the summer

    Cotton saree

    It is hard to imagine that a saree can be a comfortable attire to wear during the summer. A cotton saree is absorbent and allows circulation of air in your body. Choose a saree that is bright in color. The length of the saree protects your body from the scorching sun, keeping your body hydrated. If you have a festival or cultural event to attend during the summer, this is the best outfit to choose.

    Long lehenga skirt

    Pair a long bright lehenga skirt with a simple off shoulder or open shoulder tops. A Lehenga skirt allows circulation of air in your legs and keeps them cool .

    Palazzo pants

    You can keep cool by wearing palazzo pants to your work place. They are loose fitting and have a flaring pattern from the knee to its hemline. As you work, you want to be cool and comfortable in order to maximise your brain functions. They are stylish, can be dressed as official and will keep your legs cool in summer.


    Kurti comes in several designs. Kurti dresses are light and comfortable. You can find a stylish kurti from Stylecaret and pair it with open sandals for you summer outfit. You can wear this to work, college, the beach and to daytime festivals. Kurti dresses are light and keep your body aired. You can pair a kurti with culottes’ pants and a pair of sandals for a casual look to college or while running errands.

    Salwar kameez

    Loose fitting salwar kameez can be great clothes for summer. Cotton salwar kameez come in a variety of cuts and styles. It is light and has flair at the hemline and the hands to keep air circulating in your body. You can wear a salwar kameez as a regular outfit, at work and in cultural festivals.

    Harlem and dhoti pants

    Harlem and dhoti pants are lose fitting and make good outfits for the summer weather. Harlem pants drape loosely at the upper leg and thighs while dhoti pants are loose throughout your legs except the ankles. You can choose loose fitting pants as long as they are fitting in the waist.

    Kurta pyjama ensemble

    Kurta and pyjama are loose fitting and light. You can combine this outfit for work, school and summer festivals.  Choose a short kurta with elbow-length sleeves to maximise its cooling effects. You can wear this combination to work, college and cultural festivals.

    Indo-western mix

    Try pairing your ethnic attire with western trends. Western fashion can be comfortable during the summer. Men can wear t-shits with pyjama pants. T-shirts are loose fitting and designed to keep you cool and comfortable.  For women, pairing a waist length kurti with jeans or jeggings can be comfortable for a college and social life during the summer.

    Before you buy that summer outfit, here are 4 important notes to keep in mind

    The color of your cloth matters

    Go for bright colors when choosing a summer outfit. Dark colors absorb heat while bright colors reflect them. Pastel and bright colors are stylish and will keep you cool during the summer.

    Avoid tight fitting clothes

    Tight fitting clothes restrict air circulation in your body. Without circulation, the heat is retained between your clothes and body.

    Moisturise and apply sunscreen

    Going out in the scorching sun will dry your skin and expose you to the dangers of UV light rays. Dry skin makes you prone to aging fast and getting wrinkles. Moisturise your skin and apply sunscreen before heading out. Drink plenty of water everyday.

    Choose the right shoes

    Leather shoes can be hot and uncomfortable during humid weather. They absorb heat and don’t allow for air circulation in the feet. This heat may cause athlete’s foot, stinking feet and irritability. Avoid wearing closed leather shoes and socks during summer. Canvas and sandals can provide comfort and air circulation to create a better living and working environment.


    Wearing loose clothes is advisable to keep cool during the summer heat. You can find stylish designs for your every day activity or cultural events that will keep you cool and comfortable. Pair your clothes with open shoes to maintain proper foot health and comfort.

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