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    What Happens If You Consume CBD Hemp Capsules Every Day?

    CBD hemp capsules have quickly become one of the most popular natural supplements after the 2018 hemp legalization. They’re affordable, convenient, and powerful, offering an abundance of benefits that help to improve your overall well-being.

    CBD capsules for pain are flying off the shelves in online and offline dispensaries around the US. CBD oil for anxiety is becoming more sought after, and even CBD pet treats are getting more attention than ever before.

    But with so many CBE products readily available and so many recreational and medicinal users hailing their effectiveness, there’s one question that’s mainly remained unanswered – what happens if you consume CBD hemp capsules every day? Is it safe? Should you take frequent breaks? Let’s find out.

    The Safety of Daily CBD Use

    The main reason why most new users are concerned about the safety of daily CBD use is that they know some other hemp derivatives aren’t recommended for frequent use (THC, anyone?). They worry about the potentially addictive qualities and perhaps severe side effects that they might experience. However, there’s no reason to believe that daily use of CBD could be unsafe.

    Since it’s not psychoactive and has no addictive properties, CBD is generally considered safe to use. The most commonly reported (although not widely experienced) side effects include nausea, fatigue, and sleepiness. You can usually remedy those by adjusting the dosage.

    Since the risk of side effects is minimal, most users do take CBD hemp capsules on a daily basis, and many even take them several times a day.

    CBD hemp capsule dosage

    Ideally, you should consult your doctor about the exact CBD dose you should be taking. As everyone responds to CBD differently depending on their metabolism, genetics, the underlying condition they’re treating, it can take some trial and error until you’ve found your perfect dosage.

    As a general rule of thumb, you should start with a lighter dose of about 20mg to 40mg per day and see how you respond to it. If you’re using Sunday Scaries CBD hemp capsules, the packaging should state precisely how much CBD there is in a single capsule, so dosing should be a pretty straightforward process.

    If you think the dose is too light, slowly work your way up, 5mg at a time. Once you’ve found your working dose, stick to it – there’s no reason to increase it.

    Keep in mind that how you respond to CBD is mainly connected to the dosage. You should get an energy boost at lower doses, so it might be best to take a lighter dose earlier in the day. CBD can be sedating at higher doses and make you feel sleepy, so reserve higher doses for later in the evening.

    The Benefits You Can Expect

    CBD is packed with unique beneficial properties that could help improve your physical and mental well-being. It has great therapeutic potential, and, considering its low risk of side effects, it’s one of the most promising treatments for a variety of health conditions. Take a look at just some of its reported benefits.

    Pain relief

    CBD has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make it excellent for pain relief. A small dose could even help with the most difficult-to-treat neuropathic pain.

    Anxiety relief

    Over 42.6% of CBD users report using this hemp-derived cannabidiol for treating anxiety. CBD hemp capsules could help treat physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, including increased heart rate, memory problems, excessive sweating, shaking, nausea, panicking, and more.

    Better sleep

    As mentioned, higher doses of CBD typically have a sedating effect, helping you fall and stay asleep with relative ease. Considering that insomnia is often caused by anxiety (and vice versa), it’s not surprising that CBD can promote better sleep.

    Better digestion

    CBD has antiemetic properties, meaning it reduces nausea and vomiting. Many patients undergoing cancer treatments such as chemo rely on CBD hemp capsules to alleviate the severe side effects that accompany them.

    Those suffering from eating disorders like anorexia could also benefit from using CBD as the extract promotes a healthier appetite.

    In addition, CBD could alleviate digestion problems such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

    Cardiovascular benefits

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US and beyond, so problems like high blood pressure should never be disregarded. CBD can effectively lower blood pressure and help you maintain your cardiovascular health.

    Of course, if you’re already using prescribed medication for high blood pressure, you shouldn’t stop your treatment in favor of CBD!

    Seizure prevention

    One of the main reasons why CBD was legalized in 2018 is that it’s proven effective in treating conditions such as epilepsy. Using CBD daily could prevent seizures and improve your quality of life.

    Final Thoughts

    CBD hemp capsules aren’t a miracle cure-all, but they could promote better health without causing severe side effects. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to use CBD daily safely, but it’s always in your best interest to consult your doctor before you start taking it.

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