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    Contacts or Glasses – Which Are Best for You

    ‘’Should I pick contacts or glasses?’’– it’s a question that bothers all of us who don’t have that perfect 20/20 vision. Proper eye care is important for any individual who’s in need of vision correction. Our lifestyles, jobs, and personal preferences are often some of the deciding factors when choosing between these two options. However, if you’ve already considered these three factors, and still feel like you’re on the fence on whether to use contacts or glasses, don’t worry! To help you choose what works best for you, we’ve curated a list of pros and cons of both vision-correcting tools – read on to learn what they are.

    Pros of wearing glasses

    Let’s start things off by introducing the advantages that come with wearing glasses. First and foremost, you need to go through a comprehensive eye examination. An optometrist will diagnose what it is exactly that is impeding your ability to see well. Depending on the vision problems you’re having, your optometrist will prescribe glasses that will enhance your visual acuity. The best thing about wearing glasses is that they require very little cleaning and maintenance. The kind of glasses you choose to wear should be in line with your lifestyle and job. If you’re someone who plays sports a lot, consider getting polycarbonate or Trivex eyeglass lenses for increased eye safety. Also, if you’re someone who cares about aesthetics as much as performance, there are many options available so you can choose the ones that best fit your face.

    Cons of wearing glasses

    There are some disadvantages that come with wearing eyeglasses. First off, eyeglasses sit about half an inch from your eyes, therefore distorting your peripheral vision. It takes some time getting used to the idea of wearing them, and you might even experience blurry vision or have troubles focusing on objects when you first start wearing them. Wearing certain frames may even result in headaches and the feeling of general discomfort. Also, glasses fog up in cold weather, which can obstruct your vision.

    Some people would rather opt for lenses due to the simple fact that wearing eyeglasses doesn’t really match their idea of aesthetics and they feel as if glasses are detracting from their facial features.

    Pros of wearing contact lenses

    There are many reasons why contact lenses are more practical than eyeglasses. First of all, they make our lives so much easier – if you’re an active individual and you move a lot, contact lenses are the most efficient solution for your dynamic lifestyle. You can move around freely without worrying they will fall out and break, as is often the case with eyeglasses. By choosing quality contact lenses you can rest assured your vision won’t be affected by adverse weather conditions such as snow, fog, and rain.

    When it comes to choosing contact lenses, there are many options available to accommodate even the most specific prescriptions. Another reason why you should consider choosing lenses over glasses is the fact that they are great for expressing your creativity – by playing with different colors of the lenses, you can change the hue of your eyes in a safe and easy way.

    Cons of wearing contact lenses

    It takes some time to get used to applying contact lenses to your eyes, but with some practice and proper technique, you will learn how to do it properly in no time. Depending on the type of contact lenses you choose, there are some time constraints when it comes to wearing lenses. It’s best to avoid wearing your contact lenses overnight (unless prescribed by the doctor) in order to avoid dryness and redness of the eyes. Another downside of contact lenses is that they also require maintenance and replacement from time to time, so you must commit to cleaning them on a daily basis.

    Combining contact lenses and glasses

    A pair of specs is always good to have in case you need to take a break from your lenses. Other than helping you see clearly, glasses also serve as a fashion accessory, so you can play with different colors and styles to freshen up your look. On the other hand, contact lenses come in handy when you need to go for a run, and they also provide an alternative to glasses when you want to put some makeup on, go out, and have fun without having to deal with lens glare when taking selfies in the club. Mix things up a bit – you can’t go wrong.

    The type of eyewear you choose for yourself is a matter of personal preference. Have in mind these five tips when deciding about the eyewear you should get to ensure you choose the type of eyewear that suits you best.

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