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    Diamond Rings- Bright, Valuable and Always in Style

    It is truly said, “Diamonds are forever.” Diamond is one of the precious gems found on earth. It is a solid form of the element carbon, in a crystalline structure. Diamond rings are one of the most popular jewelry that is worn and appreciated by people all over the world. Diamond can be cast into gold or platinum rings to make it the perfect jewelry to wear. Diamonds often form an intricate part of a new relationship, love, engagement, and bonding, hence choosing the symbol of love should be done with care.

    The Shape

    While choosing a diamond for a diamond ring, the shape is the first attribute that comes into consideration. Though the round shaped diamonds are often the first choice among the customers, many prefer fancy shapes in their ring. Intricate shapes of diamond include the princess cut, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, oval, marquis, radiant, and cushion. Each diamond has a unique cut and characteristics, impacting the overall look of the rings. Brilliant cut diamonds at the cut to maximize the reflection. These diamonds have facets on the pavilion or the underside, meeting at a point, to maximize the return of light. Some diamonds are also cut to highlight the clarity, popularly known as step cuts.

    The 4Cs

    Diamonds are known by its 4 Cs:


    The cut of a diamond reflects the brilliance of the craftsman, along with being a price-determining factor. The cut of a diamond, however, does not refer to its shape, but the proportion, polish, and symmetry that the diamond cutter has successfully achieved. A diamond is cut currently when it can reflect and refract the light at a greater extent. Modern diamond cutters have set precise specifications of the proportions and symmetry, but studying the way light moves through the crystal. Diamonds cut to meet those specifications are considered the best-cut diamond.


    The color refers to the natural color of the diamond and not a reflection of the colors. Most diamonds are slightly yellowish. The traces of nitrogen that were there, while the diamond was formed, influences the color of the diamond. The colorless one is the one with the highest rarity and hence the most expensive one.


    Clarity of diamond refers to how clear the diamond is about the microscopic elements that were trapped inside the diamond, while it was formed. Inclusions or internal characteristics such as structural imperfections or tiny cracks appearing to be cloudy also hamper the clarity of the diamonds.


    Carat is a unit of weight that is used to weigh gems and diamond. Though the carat of two diamonds may be the same, it differs visually depending on the size and shape of the diamond. The carat of a diamond has a substantial impact on the price. After the clarity, cut and the color is determined, carat is the ultimate factor on which the price depends.

    Diamond rings are a popular gift and a mandate as an engagement ring. To get a perfect diamond ring for your soul mate, here is a short guide that you should follow to get the best within your budget.

    #1. Set a budget

    Setting a budget is essential, whether it is for a project, event, or shopping. Know how much you can spend on your diamond ring. Set a budget lower than you actually can spend, since eventually, while buying, retailers tend to push you out of budget.

    #2. Learn about the basics of 4Cs

    Research and gain a little knowledge about the basics of the 4Cs, namely the cut, clarity, color, and carat. This is important to pick nothing but the best-cut diamond with the finest clarity and maximum carat, within your budget.

    #3. Loose diamond or preset

    While you buy diamonds for diamond rings, you can choose a loose diamond to get them set into the ring of your choice or present diamonds as diamond rings. Many buyers prefer to select loose diamonds to be fixed in their preference of setting, design, and metal. This offers more room for creativity and personalization.

    #4. Search for retailers who offer GIA certified diamonds

    GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is an independent institute who evaluate loose diamonds for cut, clarity, color, and carat. Only a few retailers offer GIA certified diamonds. Search for such retails, while you buy diamond rings. This ensures you receive the best quality diamond for the price you pay for your diamond rings.

    Diamond rings have always been a language of love and choosing the right one for you and your partner is a memorable journey that you would love to cherish forever.

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