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    Different Types of Mattresses Explained

    Having difficulty sleeping at night? One of the things you should check when facing difficulty to sleep is your mattress. Probably it is already old and has started sagging, resulting in some discomfort when you sleep.

    If you want to sleep well, getting the right mattress will do the magic and make you sleep deeply like a baby. Choosing the right mattress can be a challenging process, but here are a couple of mattresses to look into when trying to make a choice.

    Memory Foam

    If you are searching for great support and comfort or where to buy mattresses in Australia, mainly for those who sleep on sides, a memory foam mattress is an amazing choice. This mattress is well known because of its durability and comfort.

    For side sleepers, it provides the best hip and shoulder support to make you feel comfortable. The mattress helps in protecting the body and supporting it properly while you sleep. It is difficult for the mattress to sag because it is made with several layers of foam.


    Buy mattresses in Australia; modern gel mattresses, there is always an addition of gel to the foam mattress to create an upholstery or system of support. It differs a little from memory foam when it comes to the feel; propose trying the two to determine your preference.

    Pillow Tops

    For side sleepers, pillow tops can be a choice for memory foam and gel mattresses. It is simply an extra layer of upholstery added to the top layer of your mattress. They offer a very soft and cushioning feeling similar to memory foam.

    They are also comfy and allow you to select the level of softness for your pillow top and are generally matched with a coil or innerspring mattress.

    Latex Mattresses

    Latex mattresses make use of latex foam instead of memory foam in its formation. The mattress provides different levels of firmness and plush to put up with the side, back or tummy sleepers. The mattress is less heating and thick as compared to memory foam mattresses.


    The innerspring mattress is also known as the coil mattress that makes use of internal metal springs support. Normally, you determine the level of support for an innerspring mattress by looking at the number of coils used for the design.

    The number of coils the mattress contains and how it is spread decides how comfortable your body will be on the mattress. Coil mattresses have different spring shapes and gauges that can impact the quality of back support you receive. It is an amazing pick for people who like sleeping on their tummy, back, or side.

    Adjustable Bases

    The adjustable mattresses come as one of the most versatile mattresses you will find, providing relief and support whenever you are in need. As the name suggests, you can regulate the base of the mattress to lift your head, raise your feet or get more back support. They are ideal for people that have sleeping issues like; muscle aches, back pain, sleep apnea, and more.

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