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    Do Pets Actually Make You Healthier?

    The research is there to suggest pets can really make us healthier individuals both directly and indirectly. Of course, one might be surprised to know that having a pet can improve our health conditions significantly in various ways, so if you are wondering how that’s true and in case you thought pets actually can make us sick, we will clear up all the confusion with the following discussion.

    Can You Get Sick from Your Pet?

    If you have never owned a pet before, it is natural to think that the chances of getting sick by catching something from an animal is high, and in some cases, you would be absolutely right.

    Without the proper and regular deworming sessions, vaccination shots and skincare, they can become infested with pests. However, the same is true for human beings as well. If we are not vaccinated, bathed and treated for diseases in time, the same can happen to us, especially children.

    Similar to how our parents did not let that happen to us, it falls on our shoulders to not let the same happen to our pets either because they are essentially kids that never grow up. It is not even that hard, as long as you have pet insurance to take care of the financial aspect of it.

    The UK veterinary care has progressed a lot in the last decade and treatment options are there for cats, dogs, birds, rodents and even reptiles now, that were not thought feasible before. The cost of healthcare has also increased a lot with time, unfortunately, and without insurance for pets covering those costs, your financials can end up taking a hit if you try to provide the best possible care to the pets.

    Whether you are looking for dog insurance, cat insurance or multi-pet insurance, go to Everypaw to find policies created separately and exclusively for both dogs and cats.

    Pet owners can choose between Lifetime Cover and Maximum Benefit Cover policies for both types of pets. Read the small print to make sure any pet insurance policy you buy suits your needs. In addition, if you have more than one pet or cats, too, look for a policy that gives you a discount for multiple pets.

    In case you are trying to buy insurance for dogs, Everypaw is now giving away a free dog activity tracker with every pet insurance policy, so that’s a nice little bonus to have on your hands.

    How Can Running Around with a Dog Help You?

    Dogs need to run, play and jump, irrespective of their breed, size, and age. Of course, the species, size, age, etc., will play a big factor in determining how much your dog actually needs or looks forward to exercising but all healthy dogs love playing to at least some degree.

    As a pet owner, you will be forced to get out of bed and go to the park, or at least your own back garden, so that the dog can play with you. Needless to say, is there a better combination of cardiovascular exercise and innocent fun than playing with a furry ball of energy that gives you his full attention at all times? Probably not!

    Just like the dog, the pet owner also ends up burning fat and calories while playing, ultimately making them both fitter because of it.

    If you have a family with children, the dog can even bond your family in exercise and love at the same time, which is quite magical when you think about it.

    Are Office Pets Really of Any Use?

    If Google, Blizzard, and GoDaddy have decided to allow personal pets as well as office pets in their workplaces, there must be some reason behind such a move. The reason, in this case, happens to be the stress-busting effect that pets have on people in general.

    A well-trained and well-natured dog roaming around and cuddling up to employees instantly makes the office a better and healthier place to work in.

    Stress is both a physical and mental burden, which pets can melt away without even trying to do so. Dogs and cats are the favourite choice for office pets in the UK and US, but other animals like guinea pigs are getting some attention from companies as well!

    Do Pets Make You Less Depressed?

    The short answer to that question would be yes, they do make us less depressed, just like they destress our minds.

    The home is a place where everyone comes back to after a day of hard work and expects to find comfort. An eager dog running towards you to greet you on coming back and expressing joy at just the fact that you decided to come back is often an instant antidepressant without the side-effects.

    The unconditional love exhibited by our pets during such times can be emotionally charging. It makes you feel like you are wanted, missed and loved, which is only because all of those things are true, as far as your pet is concerned.

    Children Who Grow Up with Pets Have a Stronger Immune System

    It has been tested and confirmed that children that grow up with pets or on a farm have strong immune systems, less asthmatic tendencies, and do not generally have any significant allergies. Additionally, the study shows that childhood obesity, which is a serious problem in the developed world, is much less likely to happen when there is a family dog in the home. The dogs love to play and so do kids, giving each other more than enough reasons to stay fit.

    When young children are exposed to the fur of dogs, cats, and dander from other animals at an early age, they are far less likely to develop at least animal-related allergies later on in life.

    That being said, do keep an eye on how the child’s body is reacting to the pet because if they start to show signs of allergy, it might be best to keep the two away from each other for now, before consulting your GP for advice.

    How Can Pets Possibly Lower Blood Pressure?

    It may seem unlikely if someone professes a cat as a cure for hypertension, but it really can help! As you are probably wondering how that can possibly be true scientifically, the answer is simple and related to something that we have actually discussed already.

    Stress is one of the main reasons why we develop hypertension in the first place, so a cat coming up to you and settling down in your lap after a stressful day at work is inevitably going to lower your blood pressure and make you happy. You will still need all your medication, but don’t be surprised if you begin to see signs of improvement after adopting that cat and your doctor confirms your suspicions!

    It is this rare combination of mental peace, the feeling of being loved and regular physical exercise that makes pets so healthy for us and our children. Just make sure that you take care of your pets, and they will, in turn, take care of you in ways that you may not even realise right away, but will feel better all the same.

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