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    Difference Between An Engagement Present & A Wedding Present

    When a couple gets engaged, there’s lots of things to start planning! From booking a venue to determining the bridal party, there’s a lot of things that couples have to do before the big day.

    For guests or anyone included in the festivities who aren’t the bride or groom, there’s a lot they probably are wondering, too. When will they receive their invitation? Do they have a choice for dinner? When should they get a gift?

    With wedding etiquette ever-changing and evolving, it’s important for couples to communicate with their guests and be as open as possible with them. Gifts are one of the most confusing topics for guests–especially if they’re being invited to multiple events before the wedding! Let’s talk about the difference between engagement presents and wedding presents!

    Engagement Presents

    When a couple gets engaged, they’ll typically host an engagement party. While some couples don’t expect any of their guests to bring a gift to this event, you should still bring them something small to commemorate the occasion and thank them for inviting you!

    An engraved personalized engagement ornament is perfect for this. In fact, many couples get engaged around the holiday season anyways, so giving them an ornament with their engagement date on it will be the perfect addition to their holiday decorations!

    Here are some other engagement party presents you can get the newly engaged couple:

    A Bottle of Wine or Bubbly: Get them something to crack open on a night they have to themselves! Wedding planning is stressful, and the next year is going to be filled with attire fittings, cake tastings and meetings with their wedding planner. They’ll need something to relax with! A bottle of their favorite wine or champagne is a great gift for them.

    A Gift Card: When the couple has their engagement party, they probably haven’t set up their registry yet. Because they haven’t had the chance to go through what they want and need for their new life together, giving them a gift card is a great way for them to check some items off the list before they post it! They can put it toward that espresso machine they want or those new bath towels they’ve been eyeing. Either way, a gift card will go a long way for them as they create their registry!

    Wedding Presents

    If you decide not to get a gift for the couple at the engagement party, then you–without a doubt–have to get them one for their wedding. Wedding presents are items that the couple take with them into their new life together as a couple, so it’s important to get them items they actually need and will use.

    A lot of guests pick up gifts they think are cute, but they forget that the couple might already have enough decorative pillows and really need that set of salad tossers!

    When determining what to get a couple for their wedding, you’ll want to consult their registry. A lot of couples will include home goods on their registry, but others will include games, clothes or even gift cards on their registry! Even if you aren’t able to go by the store their registry is listed on, use their registry as inspiration for when you go shopping for them.

    This will guide you and ensure you get them something they can actually use! As a rule of thumb, if you’re getting them something that isn’t on the registry, go with a personalized gift! Personalization gives a special touch to gifts, and they will appreciate you taking the time to have their gift personalized.

    Here are some wedding gift ideas they’re sure to love:

    Personalized Bouquet Vase: Her florist will probably provide her with a vase to use on her wedding day, but what about after? Her flowers are hers to keep, and she’ll need something to place them in at the end of her wedding. She can also use it to hold any silks she gets from her bouquet later!

    Matching Bathrobes: Go for soft, plush and monogrammed when it comes to these. They can use their bathrobes for when they get out of the shower or just to curl up in after a long day and watch some Netflix! Make sure they’re monogrammed so they can show off their matching last names!

    Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs: If they love to drink coffee or tea, having a set of couple’s coffee mugs is a cute wedding gift to give them. They’ll get a lot of use out of them, too! If you can’t find a style you like, you can always make your own! They’ll love that you took the time to make something for them, too.

    A Welcome Mat: A personalized welcome mat is a practical gift to give a couple for their wedding! Featuring their last name or wedding date, a welcome mat is a way for any dirt, snow or mud to get wiped off of guests’ shoes before they enter the house. This is perfect for newlyweds who will be hosting all their other couple friends!

    A Coaster Set: If the couple likes to host dinner parties or other events–or they have a lot of wood furniture–why not get them a set of personalized coasters? Monogram it with their last name or initial, making it perfect for their new life together as a married couple! They’ll be a great gift to break out whenever they have guests over or they enjoy drinks after dinner.

    Understanding the difference between an engagement gift and a wedding present can go a long way when you’ve been invited to those particular events. As a couple, you shouldn’t expect every guest to bring a gift to your engagement party. However, bringing a gift to a wedding is one of the few wedding etiquette traditions that has stuck around–and you should expect to receive a variety of gifts on your wedding day!

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