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    Ensure Safety with Talking Pendant Alarms

    We want our older loved ones to be safe. If we are not around, then we must rely upon technology to help with keeping them safe. Personal alarms and talking pendant alarms are telephone-based alarm systems, such as a lifeline phone. The wearer can call for help if there is an emergency. This is peace of mind for the family and for the person wearing it. And, its all just one touch of a button to make it happen. Personal Alarms can help any family with keeping their family safe.

    The Benefits of Personal Alarms

    Personal Alarms allows two-way communication. The wearer can push the button and start talking to share what is happening to them. If they have fallen or if they are unable to get to their phone, this service will help. The difference with a SureSafe Personal Alarm is that other alarms require that you be near the base in order to work properly. Personal Alarm pendants allow you to talk no matter where you are.

    In case of emergency having a personal alarm is useful. You need to be able to call for help no matter what situation you are in.

    Personal alarms can also be great tools to use when outward safety is in question. The alarm’s sound will shock the intruder. This gives the wearer time to escape and get to safety. The alarm could also bring the attention of others nearby. People who live by themselves will find this device useful.

    The main point is to get help when its necessary. Having a pendant alarm connected to a lifeline phone is the answer. When a person presses their personal alarm they could avoid having injuries. They will not only be relieved but so will their families. They can avoid unnecessary hospitalization bills and potentially saved a life.

    Some Drawbacks of the Pendant Alarm

    The way these pendants are shown and portrayed on television gives them a stigma. They portray older people who cannot do for themselves. The pendant is not just for that age bracket, but for all age brackets. In real life, the pendant is worn by many who want to have a backup.

    People who have these pendants may go months without using them. They are not aware of it’s available because of this.

    Testing the pendant regularly is necessary. This will help to make certain it works and is charging. Additionally, this test helps the wearer and the family know if it is still a good decision for them. If they find that they no longer need the pendant, then it may be time for an automatic sensor or another form of care.

    Some mistakes that can happen are that the wrong pendant in the wrong hands. If such a mix up happens, then if help is needed help will be deployed to the wrong location. It is necessary to test the pendant alarm to make certain it is in the right hands. Personal Alarms can help further with any questions about your new pendant alarm. These issues are to educate and make the wearer aware.

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