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    What Is the Estimated Energy Requirement That Human Body Needs ?

    How do most people start their day? They wake up, get out of bed, and then perform a list of activities planned for that particular day. These activities depend on several parameters including age, gender, profession and daily routine. For instance, suppose that there are two men of age 28. One of them is an office going person who works from 9 to 5 on daily basis. The other person is an athlete trainer who himself has to work out for two to three hours every day.

    Having the same gender and age does not mean that both these individuals would have the same values for the Estimated Energy Requirement. The first thing you need to know is the value of EER varies from person to person.

    Gauging the Basic Definition of EER

    Knowing about EER (estimated energy requirement) is not restricted to body builders and fitness professionals only.  Every individual needs to have a balance of energy in his life. He needs a minimum stamina level to perform day to day activities. This is where, the question “how much energy does a person require?” pops up in the minds of several people.

    • As a comparative example shows above, the value of EER does not remain flat for two people. It varies and is calculated on the basis of some key factors. One of them is age. Younger people generally require more calories than older ones since they perform more exhausting activities. A number of problems are faced if you don’t consume enough calories according to the EER. In such cases, people usually get tired quickly and even fail to complete the basic tasks.

    EER Helps in Constructing the Correct Diet Plan

    If you know what areas EER helps in, it would be easier to use it productively. To lead a healthy life, having a proper diet plan is always a source of assistance. Suppose that you are a professional weight lifter. Your trainer would tell you to follow a proper diet plan. It would show which meals you need to consume along with the correct quantity. These factors would again be connected to the Estimated Energy Requirement. In terms of meals, you would have to select options that would help you in meeting the EER requirement.

    • We commonly hear people saying that calories are bad for health. This statement has to be understood in the right manner. Over consumption of calories is harmful particularly when you do not have regular physical activities as a part of your routine. People who work out and exercise regularly obviously require a higher count of calories for survival. Hence, their EER value is different.

    The effortless method for calculating Estimated Energy Requirement

    As human beings, we need to understand that incorrect EER values can prove to be problematic for us. Why do people end up with incorrect results in this case?

    A lot of people do not even consider the option of using EER calculators. For them, understanding complex equations and inserting values is a much better way out. However, facts are very different and this is what people should understand. There are various factors which show that EER calculators are a lot more reliable. Let us have a quick look at some of them.

    Reliable EER calculators do not make mistakes

    Even the smartest human beings make mistakes, which is why manual calculation of EER is not encouraged.  To begin with, using a cautious approach is no assurance that the calculation will be completed without any errors.

    As the process is complex, people do make errors while performing different steps. In other words, there is no assurance that the EER value will be accurate. Once the calculation has been completed, the user has to recheck it. You can forget about all this hassle simply by using a dependable EER calculator.

    • In terms of efficiency, a reliable tool cannot be compared to human beings, as it would not make errors. Therefore, once the value of estimated energy requirement is determined, no further checking will be needed.

    EER calculators are the simplest of tools

    Would I have to learn the tool to use it? This is the first question that would pop in your mind when you are using an application for the first time. Problems can be faced if you are dealing with tough interfaced applications and your computing knowledge is not up to the mark.

    • There is no doubt that EER calculators are a definite exception in this case. To start with, they are very easy to use and none of the features would make your head spin. Users only have to enter few basic parameters and the evaluation process will be completed in a short while. As a result, every user finds these tools simple to adopt.

    Summing it Up

    Accurate energy measures are mandatory for leading a healthy life. Every individual should have a clear idea about the energy / stamina he requires to run through the day. To both time and energy, using an EER calculator is the most ideal alterative. By using it, 100% accurate values can be calculated in less than a minute.

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