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    Reasons to Choose an Exotic Destination for Rehab & Detox

    Rehabilitation centers can be divided into several types by the economic principle. The government funds some rehabs, so you just get all the necessary things and rather modest living conditions. Other centers target the clients with an average income, and the level of accommodation is similar to what they are used to.

    There’s also a category classified as luxury rehabs. They are designed for clients who value life in comfort and style. It’s actually the top option available for people who want to treat their drug or alcohol addiction.

    Luxury Addiction Treatment

    Rehabilitation resorts don’t resemble a sterile hospital-like environment.  They look like 5-star resorts and are just as comfortable. Facilities are very similar to luxury hotels. Clients stay in private rooms, enjoy gourmet food, and have a good time in a SPA center or a pool. There’s only one significant difference – you won’t find a mini-bar there.

    Usually, resort rehabilitation centers are located in naturally beautiful settings. They exist in many countries of the world – Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and many others. In the U.S., you can find luxury rehabs in many states – New York, California, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and others.

    The choice of rehab will depend on your personal preferences and paying capacity. You can choose to settle near the tropical beach, mountains or nature reserve. Each of these natural locations can put you in a more peaceful, grounded and open state of mind that will speed up your treatment progress.

    The advantages of becoming a client of a resort rehab

    Let’s explore some of the ways you can benefit from receiving treatment for alcohol or drug addiction in a resort-style rehab center:

    A minimum of distractions and triggers.

    Depending on the chosen one of rehab resorts (see more here), the pressures of home and work would be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. For a recovering addict, it’s extremely important to be far from the usual triggers, such as friends with the same problem, access to drug dealers, or local bars.

    Beneficial climate and environment.

    Dreary dark weather can be a lethal trigger to people with addiction issues and depression. In Finland and Sweden, a lack of sunlight is linked to many suicides. A warm tropical climate of Thailand, for example, can set a person on a new more positive vibe. And beautiful nature can help to abstract from negative thoughts.


    It’s clear that most clients who go in a rehab want to keep it a secret. They don’t want their colleges, employers, or even friends to know this. You won’t lie to anyone by telling that you’re going on vacation to Bali, as it will be partly true. After detoxification, clients can take a tour and go sightseeing.

    Personalized approach.

    In a drug rehab resort, you’ll get individualized treatment experience. It’s reached by reducing staff-to-patient ratios and allowing staff to work more intensely with their patients. The competent staff creates a welcoming atmosphere where new residents can relax and reduce the anxiety they feel about starting the rehab process.

    Top-notch amenities.

    Peace, privacy, and exposure to the beauty of nature present the luxury treatment environment. Access to an on-site spa, gym, swimming pool, fine dining, and other amenities helps to restore the balance of mind and body broken by substance abuse. It contributes to a faster recovery.

    Peculiarities of treatment in a resort rehab

    In a rehab resort, treatment incorporates the core elements of addiction treatment. The first step in recovery is medically-supervised detoxification. During alcohol detox in Massachusetts, patients receive medications to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal. Medication can also be used for treating co-occurring conditions.

    In the course of behavioral therapy, patients address the underlying causes of substance abuse and develop stress-coping and relapse prevention skills which are tailored to the environment they’ll come back after treatment. Generally, resort rehabs employ alternative or holistic approaches. They offer some of the following treatments:

    • Yoga and meditation
    • Animal-assisted therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Creative arts therapy
    • Music and sound therapy
    • Physical activities
    • Swimming
    • Aromatherapy

    A recovering person gets aftercare once they leave rehab. This involves developing a schedule for regular outpatient therapy visits, receiving counseling via the phone, or attending 12-step meetings.

    The cost and length of treatment at luxury rehabs

    A 4-week program is common. But the length of treatment mainly depends on the duration and severity of addiction. It may last for 3 months or even longer.

    Understandably, treatment in resort-style facilities costs more than in traditional centers. It may reach thousands of dollars. The cost varies from rehab to rehab. Note, that not all centers accept insurance. It’s important to ensure you can pay the bill for a rehab program before checking in. Remember, it’s worth it.

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