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    Exploring the beautiful city of Brussels with family and friends

    The truth is holidays are more fun and enchanting when you travel with family and friends. As the saying goes, the more the merrier. What you have to know is the best places that you can explore together with your friends or family. Brussels is a city that is fast gaining popularity as one of the most visited cities in Belgium. It is located right at the heart of Europe making it a metropolis with diverse languages and cultures. Get to know more here at what to do in Brussels. These are some of the best sites to explore while in Brussels;

    The Grand place

    Everyone who visits Brussels must go to the Grand place. Just as the name suggests it is a grand central square located in the heart of Brussels town. Within the surroundings of the grand place there is the Town Hall, the Belgium guild houses and museum of Brussels. Many people like visiting the site at night because of the magnificent scenes created by the lights from the various buildings around. There is even a flower market that is hosted on some specific days that showcases lovely flowers.

    Old England building

    This is another site that is frequented by tourists both local and international. The best part of this site is the music museum. This is actually a unique kind of museum that is packed with over 1000 musical instruments. This is the place to be for those people who have an interest in music. There is a lot that can be learnt from the museum and even its history. You won’t have to deal with hunger while at this place. There is a café located right at the roof of the building where you can sit down and enjoy some meals as you relax.

    Le Botanique

    If you want to connect with nature and just unwind then your search ends here. Le Botanique basically means botanic gardens. This is one place that will fascinate you with its surrounding gorgeous gardens. Additionally, some concerts and performing arts are held at this botanical garden to bring out the cultural diversity of the city. This is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

    Royal palace and gardens

    The royal palace is flocked by tourists who want to have first-hand experience of how the royalty live. This is the official home of the royal family of Belgium. The royal family does not really live at this palace however the King at times conducts his duties here. Most of the time, you are only allowed to view the surroundings of the palace including its lovely gardens. However, between the months of July and September guided tours of the inside of the place are allowed.

    Mannekin Pis

    The Mannekin pis is a statue of a young boy urinating. As weird as it may sound lots of tourist visit this statue at every hour of the day. Some people visit this place just to take some photos and laugh at the awkwardness of the statue.

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