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    Exploring the East Coast of Australia

    For travellers, exploring the diverse regions of Australia is an experience like no other. It boasts numerous eye-catching destinations wherever you lay your eyes on– whether you are looking for a suburban adventure, a hiking trip, a quick surfing session, or maybe a day with the most remarkable wildlife, Australia is a jewel for tourists.

    But what’s so special about the East Coast and why is it so popular among adventurers? Is it the food, the people, or the amazing sights? This is the perfect time to explore this discussion in detail, because after reading this we’re sure to have you contemplating about booking a trip there asap!

    Before diving in, why not consider renting your own campervan during your adventure? After all, the East Coast experience may be spoiled by the harsh commute especially during peak vacation periods, and nobody wants that type of negativity. Find a good campervan here.

    Explore the Great Barrier Reef

    Should there be any other introduction to this? The Great Barrier Reef is a renowned natural wonder, and it’s a no-brainer for you to go there immediately when you visit the East Coast. Take a scuba dive tour with your family and friends, and we promise that it will surely be the experience of a lifetime.

    Tourists usually depart from Cairns by boat and begin diving with a number of tour guides. Immerse yourself in a wide array of coral systems, different species of fish, and picture-perfect island formations underwater. Afterwards, you can enjoy soaking yourself under the sun with its infamous golden beaches with a martini in hand! There are so much things to do and the possibilities are endless for travellers. The Great Barrier Reef experience will truly be one item off of your bucket list!

    Try Bungee Jumping… in a Rainforest!

    Bungee jumping is a popular outdoor activity found in most countries nowadays. It’s become pretty mainstream all over the world and is widely known for the thrill it provides to riders.

    However, Australia’s adventure capital, Cairns, takes this to a whole different level by placing the activity in a natural rainforest! Freefall your way down from an extremely high point or swing through the ropes while jumping, either way it will be an extremely scary, adrenaline-filled ride!

    Be the Life of the Party at Island Life Festival

    Ever dreamed of experiencing the night life on the islands of Australia? Head on over to Island Life Festival, where you will be able to rave your way all night with epic DJs and unlimited drinks! It’s the perfect way to build friendships with locals and enjoy your time as a tourist of the East Coast.

    The Island Life Festival also offers wellness activities, including yoga and massages, as well as dance workshops to help you relax after an exhausting day. Now ain’t that a vacation!

    Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    For animal lovers, the lone pine koala sanctuary is a paradise. It is a very popular wildlife sanctuary in Australia where you will be able to interact with 130 koalas and get a hold of their natural habitats. The guides will give a little brief about the importance of preserving wildlife and the way humans play a part in their continued existence, so educate yourself as much as you can!

    It is also a very safe space for both humans and animals, so feel free to make new koala friends at Lone Pine.

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