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    Fashion Pieces to Welcome Back the Sun

    Spring is here, and so it’s time to welcome back the sunshine and the blooming flowers. It’s time to pack away your winter coat and your boots! Winter fashion is out and spring fashion is in. Here are some great ideas for spring fashion that’ll have you welcoming back the sun in style.


    As the name suggests, a sundress is perfect for sunny days. Consider this one of your wardrobe essentials for the spring and summer seasons. What’s nice about a sundress is that it’s very lightweight (usually it’s made of cotton) and it fits loosely over your body. The material makes for a very airy dress that’ll have you feeling comfortable when you’re spending time outdoors. Most sundresses come in bright colors and with flowery designs, which are evocative of springtime colors and blooming flowers.


    Now that you won’t have to worry about the cold air nipping at your toes, wear some lightweight shoes that are more breathable. Some ladies start wearing flip flops around this time of year. If that’s too casual for you or if it’s not super warm yet, wear some cute pointy flats instead. A colorful pair of flats goes well with a sundress, but you can also wear them with jeans. Pointy flats have a very refined look, so you’ll be able to wear them at semi-formal events. Flats might be better suited for springtime strolls than flip flops are.


    A minidress is another women’s essential for spring and summer. Because it fits more snugly against your body, a minidress might not seem as airy as a sundress. But a minidress makes up for it with thin straps, a high knee cut, and a low chest cut. You’ll have more skin exposed, so you can better enjoy the breeze and sun. You can get minidresses that have the same bright colors and designs as sundresses, or you can go for a more minimalist look. It’s a versatile clothing item. Some minidresses are made to be worn at formal events, while others make for great loungewear or lingerie.

    Denim Skirt

    Short shorts are mostly a staple of summer fashion. It might be a little too early for them in the springtime, but a denim skirt is a great alternative. A denim skirt evokes a little bit of that “daisy dukes” vibe. But, because it’s longer, it fits better with a lot of springtime clothes and it’ll keep you slightly warmer if there’s a cool breeze. Springtime is all about grace, and skirt will add an elegant poise to your appearance. Denim fashion has a confident look about it, and it could add a neutral balance to some of your brighter tops.

    Denim Shorts

    If you live in a warmer part of the world (here’s looking at you, Southern California), springtime might have warm enough weather for short shorts. Denim shorts are great for warm weather months, and you can wear them with a variety of tops. During spring, denim shorts look really good when matched with a cardigan or sweater.

    Crop Top

    If you’re not all about the flowery fashion sense of a sundress, you might prefer to wear a crop top instead. Crop tops let you should off your belly, and you can opt to buy them sleeveless or not. Crop tops undoubtedly will give your appearance a more serious vibe. They should be very comfortable to wear during the spring since they’re made of a light material and because they leave a good amount of your skin exposed. Another great thing about a crop top is that you can wear it with a variety of different pants.


    Did we save the best for last? Maybe. One of the most sexy and stylish spring fashion pieces is the airy women’s romper. Like a sundress, the romper hangs very loose over your body and is comfortable airy. Like a minidress, it keeps a pleasant amount of skin exposed, and you can buy for either formal wear or loungewear. A romper is silky, yet sturdy. Loose, but tight-fitting. It has a delightfully unified aesthetic.

    Don’t waste a minute of the wonderful weather! Don your spring attire and head outdoors so you can mingle with the sunshine.

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