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    Few Ways To Save Money While Throwing A Grand Party

    Throw an awesome party even on a budget!

    Nobody ever said that throwing the most memorable party or wedding has to be expensive. With a little creativity and some customization on the side, you won’t fail to make the very best with what you have and in the end, save a lot of money. Here are some clever ways you can cut down the costs of your grand party or wedding without looking cheap:

    Effective ways of cutting costs when planning your wedding/grand party:

    • Throw the ceremony in your backyard – A lot of money goes into renting a venue especially when planning a very big wedding. Doing so will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you the freedom to move around since you’ll already be familiar with the place.
    • Avoid outside catering – outside catering has a lot of logistics involved and where a lot of logistics are involved, so is the money. Therefore, be smart enough to contact those friends or family members who know how to cook and get them working for a discount.
    • Make your own invitations In this time and age, you can very much make your own invitations and end up saving yourself a lot of money. In addition to that, you can also customize the invitation the way you want.
    • Flower lives should matter in your wedding! Despite flowers being part and parcel of the wedding since time immemorial, nobody ever said that they should fill up the venue. Just a few banquets for the bride and her bridesmaids then a couple of centerpieces should do.
    • Use bamboo plates instead of silverware which will cost a whole lot more. Apart from being relatively cheap, bamboo plates also happen to be light and resistant to breakage. Bamboo plates are also very easy to wash since they don’t stain, meaning they can easily be washed and used by other
    • You don’t have to invite everyone – In as much as the dictum clearly states that the more, the merrier, it’s clear that the more guests you have, the more expenses will be incurred. Therefore, making sure that you’re only inviting close friends and family. Besides, you might be surprised by how fun the wedding will be when you have people you know on a first name basis.
    • Instead of hiring a celebrity DJ for your wedding, invite that cousin who deejays at the bistro downtown and has him rocking the party for free. This will not only be cheaper but way more fun since you’ll have total control of the playlist.

    Before You End Up Splurging!

    A lot of people blow a fortune on their weddings when they could have just improvised and saved a lump sum. Don’t be like a lot of other people. Just make sure you are not cheap but frugal (yes, there is a very big difference between the two words). In the event that you run out of ideas on how to be frugal, feel free to ask a friend who has the know-how.

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