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    Five Surprising Ways You Can Get a DUI

    When you hear about someone getting a DUI, you probably think about them trying to drive home from the bar. It’s probably what you’re concerned about when you’re at any establishment or event that is serving alcohol. It’s important to be realistic about whether you will be able to drive home legally and safely. If not, you should make other arrangements.

    That’s a good first step, but driving your car home from the bar under the influence isn’t the only way you can get a DUI. There are many more reasons you can find yourself on the other side of the law when it comes to drinking a little too much and trying to get home.

    #1. You Can Get a DUI in a Parked Car

    It’s a good first step to know you’re too intoxicated to drive. Operating a vehicle while under the influence is illegal, but it is also extremely dangerous. You don’t want to put yourself, other passengers in the car, or other people on the road at risk of a dangerous or deadly accident.

    The solution might be calling a cab or finding someone else to give you a ride home, but for some, the solution is sleeping it off in the car. That’s a bad idea.

    You can get a DUI in a parked car! That’s because it’s also illegal to be in physical control of a vehicle, even if it isn’t being operated. It can demonstrate an intent to drive, which means you will be in as much trouble as if you were actually operating the vehicle.

    #2. Nearly Any Vehicle with a Motor Is Subject to DUI Law

    Most laws don’t single out cars and personal vehicles when it comes to driving under the influence. Instead, the law states that is illegal to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. That’s an important point to understand because it means you can get a DUI for operating nearly every kind of vehicle.

    Just a few of the vehicles you shouldn’t operate while drinking include:

    • Boats and jet skis
    • Segways and mopeds
    • Tractors and farm equipment
    • Lawn mowers
    • Snow mobiles
    • Golf carts

    Did you know you could even get a DUI for driving a kid’s toy car? If it’s got a motor, avoid driving it if you have been drinking!

    #3. You Could Get Arrested for Drinking and Operating a Bicycle

    There are a lot of great biking tips out there that will transform your ride, but one of the most important to follow is not to ride your bike while intoxicated.

    Although it sounds like a great alternative to driving a vehicle, and it is true that you probably aren’t going to hurt anyone else while on a bike, you are still a danger to yourself. That gives any police officer the authority to pull you over. Yes, you could end up in jail for riding a bike intoxicated.

    #4. You’re Still Liable for Drinking and Driving on Private Property

    So you know not to operate any kind of contraption whatsoever when you’ve had a bit too much to drink, but that’s when you’re in public.

    Of course you can get arrested for being intoxicated while trespassing on someone else’s property, but you can get arrested for trespassing even if you aren’t drinking. What if the private property is yours?

    In West Virginia, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving on private or public property. If you’re intoxicated, you can get a DUI. Other states have very generalized language in their laws that prohibit driving under the influence “within the state,” and that includes drunk driving on your own property.

    #5. You Can’t Ride a Horse Drunk Either

    So, we’ve covered cars, even if they aren’t moving, motor vehicles, and bicycles. That would seem to cover it, but it doesn’t.

    You can get a DUI for riding a horse drunk too, as a woman in Florida found out in 2017.

    This offense can be especially bad. Not only can you be charged with the normal DUI charges and end up in jail, you could also potentially be charged with animal endangerment. Legally, riding a horse drunk can be more detrimental to the offender than operating a vehicle!

    The moral of the story is not to drink and drive or ride. Anything. Ever. That doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a good time! Drink responsibly by arranging for safe and legal transportation on the way home before you go out so you aren’t tempted to make a bad decision at the last minute.

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